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June 17, 2018 5:57 pm

Watch First: Daniel Radcliffe’s Comedy “What if”

Daniel Redcliffe’s Comedy “What if”

The first trailer for “What if”, starring Daniel Redcliffe, Adam Driver and Zoe Kazan is out. You can now watch the first soundtrack of Redcliffe, and Kazan as they try to develop a relationship despite one of them being in a relationship.

“What if” was previously titled “The F Word” and received some buzz during the film festival when it pioneered last year. Adam Driver, who has enrolled for a role in “Star Wars”, seems to be Redckiffe’s best friend in the film.

According to the official trailer, “What if” is a story of a medical dropout Wallace (Redcliffe) who always experiences the misfortunes of bad relationships. Everyone around him, including his friend and roommate Allan (Adam Driver) seems to be enjoying the perfect relationship. It is then that he meets a girl named Chantry (Zoe Kazan), an animator.

Wallace and Chantry

However, Chantry is in a relationship and lives with her boyfriend, Ben (Rafe Spall). Despite that fact, Chantry and Wallace strikes up an instant connection and becomes great friends. And it is evident that there is a great chemistry between the pairs, leading them to ask the critical question: What if the love of your life might be your best friend?

According to Joblo, the romantic comedy industry has failed to earn the stars over several years, but a decent film appears every now and then that gives hope that the genre can still be worth watching and “What if” fits the bill.

Most reviewers think that this movie has the potential to breakout and receive a warm reception. The movie will likely be released in select theaters, and it is most likely to debut this August. Given the character of Redcliffe, it is unlikely that he would sign up for a role in a film unless he is convinced of the depth of other actors. Let’s wait and see.

Lindsay Reeds

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