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October 23, 2018 9:27 pm

Top 3 Favorite Actors and Actresses of 2013

Favorite Celebrities of 2013

Hollywood has always been a home to the best looking men and women around the world. Their popularity is due to their glossy looks and an enviable sense of style. The whole world tries to emulate and replicate their favorite stars. Now we look at the top three most popular actors and actresses that were the cherry of the cake in the last year.

Top three actresses of 2013:

1.       Angelina Jolie


Now there is no denying of the fact that if there will be any survey that takes place even after hundred years from now as one of the most desirable actresses of Hollywood of all time would have been Angelina Jolie among the leading contenders. She is one of the most beautiful actresses of Hollywood, and when it comes to her acting skills, she is just top notch. That is why she is one of the most admired artists in the world. In fact, she was the highest paid actress of last year. Her partner Brad Pitt is quite equally popular, and Brangelina are the leading couple of the world cinema. The award-winning actress, who acted in Lara Croft film series, has a massive fan-following, and every step she does, becomes a glamour headline. She is the darling of the media for her philanthropic works like adopting children, charities and donations. She has not only contributed some phenomenal performances through her behemoth acting prowess, but also has shown that what actually it means to be a celebrity. She is a role model for everyone, and she deservedly gets the top position as the best actress of Hollywood.

2.       Emma Watson

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The beautiful cutie-pie actress’ face is always as fresh as a flower. The Empire magazine has rated the Paris-born star as the sexiest female movie star of 2013. The 23-year-old Hermione Granger of Harry Potter acted in two movies this year. This is the End and The Bling Ring. The dream of every young teenager, Watson is undeniably one of the most popular actresses of 2013.

3.       Sandra Bullock


Sandra Bullock acted in two movies in 2013: The Heat and Gravity. The 49-year-old American beauty is one of the leading actresses of the past year. Her fame needs no recognition, the Oscar-winning actress has time and again shown that she is one of the finest artists of Hollywood. She is a producer too, and the year 2013 has been prolific for the veteran actress.

The other notable missing on the list is Emma Stone, who had a fantastic 2013, and her absence in the list for the past year may be a setback for many. But she comes fourth to our list after compiling the all-round popularity charts of all the actresses.

Top 3 actors of 2013:

1.       Dwayne Johnson


The Rock has been the highest paid actor of 2013. He had four films in the past year, including the shatteringly successful Fast and Furious 6, G.I Joe Retaliation and two noteworthy smaller movies. The former wrestling champion’s popularity grew to new heights after his two power-packed performances last year.

2.       Robert Downey Jr.


Iron Man was the highest grossing movie of 2013 and Robert Downey Jr. has delivered a superb piece of performance in the superhero flick. The 48-year-old American actor has always been a mention in the popularity charts. Thanks to the Iron Man movie, he has been the second most popular actor of 2013.

3.       Leonardo DiCaprio

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How can we ever forget our Jack Dowson? The boyish actor (at 39) is still a heartthrob of teenage girls and has set himself an untouched position in Hollywood. With the likes of Brad Pitts and Johnny Depp, he is one kind of actor whose popularity is independent of his acting accomplishments. The Titanic star is certainly among our Top three beating Christian Bale by a whisker for the third spot. The actor is again nominated for the Academy Award for his portrayal of Jordan Belfort in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street and it is no suspense that he is still one of the most flawless actors we have in Hollywood.

Now we are hurt as we missed an all-important Christian Bale for his movie American Hustle, but that was the only order of sequence. So this is our list of most popular actors and actresses of Hollywood in foregone year. What are your comments on this?