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July 20, 2018 6:02 pm

Greatest Superhero Movies

greatest superhero movies

We could all use a hero in our lives. Someone to pick us up when we are down, to save us from bad guys, to be our dream date… the list goes on and on. Although few of us can say we have a true superhero in our lives (if there’s one thing The Incredibles […]

5 Things That Must Happen in Man of Steel 2 Batman Vs. Superman!


Check out this spotlight from MovieWeb! The groundbreaking news revealed at Comic-Con last week was that Man of Steel 2 isn’t going to be a straight up Superman sequel. Rather, it will feature the first ever big screen pairing of Kal-El and Batman, going toe-to-toe, if the proposed title Man of Steel 2: Batman vs. […]

Justice League Eyes Director Zack Snyder

With Christopher Nolan out of the running to direct Justice League, Warner Bros. is reportedly looking at Zack Snyder to direct their superhero ensemble. Here’s an excerpt from an article about the Man of Steel filmmaker in the upcoming issue of Empire Magazine. “Warner Bros.’ long-term view has been revised to embrace this new vision, […]

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