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March 24, 2018 1:34 pm

Best Reese Witherspoon Movies: A Review of Her Best Roles


Reese Witherspoon is a star on the screen. Having risen through the ranks of childhood acting all through the Man in the Moon at age 14 and to more mature performances, the 40-year old actress continues to deliver great performances in her roles. She has been nominated for many awards through the years and won […]

Rewind Review: American Psycho (2000)

American Psycho

By Amelia River. Film Forecaster rating: 4/5 reels. Director: Mary Harron Notable Cast Members: Christian Bale, Willem Dafoe, Reese Witherspoon, Jared Leto, and ChloĆ« Sevigny Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller Motion Picture Rating (MPAA): Rated R for strong violence, sexuality, drug use and language This 2000 psychological crime film is based off of the novel, American […]

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