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September 26, 2018 11:40 am

Top 7 Movies to Watch in Movie Theaters in 2016

2016 is a big year for movies. With award season upon us, everyone seems to have movies on their mind. Here is a list of the must-watch movies for this year, including the top picks for comedy, action and animation. Suicide Squad It is an upcoming American superhero movie that was created and produced based […]

New Book to Movie Adaptations

new book to movie adaptations

“The book was better.” A sentence everyone has heard from a friend or family member arguing that a book outperformed its movie adaptation. But despite this popular opinion, readers still get excited about seeing their favorite novel transform into the big screen. People flood movie theaters to see characters and scenes come alive in a […]

Bill Murray Stars as a Careless Caretaker in St. Vincent


Bill Murray stars as an dive-bar visiting, horse race betting, prostitute hiring… babysitter. The Oscar nominated actor leads in the upcoming film St. Vincent, premiering October 24. Audiences are introduced to Vincent as an in-debt, retired veteran. When single mother, Melissa McCarthy, and her son Oliver, Jaeden Lieberher, move in next door- Vincent finds a […]



The 2015 release schedule by Movie Insider is still preliminary and subject to change. Since 1999, Movie Insider has strived to provide the most up-to-date release schedules based on confirmed third-party announcements. The majority of concept, announced or in-development films on the Movie Insider are not arbitrarily assigned a release year without third-party verification. As a result, be sure to review to be announced […]

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