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June 17, 2018 6:01 pm

New Indie Movies for 2015

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If you’re unfamiliar with indie films, it’s hard enough to know where to find good movies, let alone new ones. They lack the budgets for promotions that most blockbusters can afford, along with the pricey Hollywood stars. But there are some awesome new indie movies in the works, and we wanted to share a few […]

Bill Murray Stars as a Careless Caretaker in St. Vincent


Bill Murray stars as an dive-bar visiting, horse race betting, prostitute hiring… babysitter. The Oscar nominated actor leads in the upcoming film St. Vincent, premiering October 24. Audiences are introduced to Vincent as an in-debt, retired veteran. When single mother, Melissa McCarthy, and her son Oliver, Jaeden Lieberher, move in next door- Vincent finds a […]

Theater Trends: High School Movies


By Amelia River, G+ profile.   Welcome to Film Forecaster’s Theater Trends: High School Movies of the past, present, and future! School’s out for the summer, but stay in school with movies! We compiled a list of movies across the past few decades that really stand out. From the social to the anti-social, the bullies to […]

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