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July 15, 2018 3:02 pm

Top 10 Feel Good Movies by Genre

feel good movies

Feel good movies make everyone feel better by uplifting the soul when we feel down casted. There are several movies that can be categorized as feel good movies. There are comic movies made to tickle your bone, light up your mood, and give you a nice time out. There are chick flicks that can be […]

35 Movies to Watch with Your Parents

Looking for movies to watch with your parents? We know the feeling. The family gathers in the TV room. Staring at the blank screen, someone asks, “what should we watch?” But it’s not a question of action or comedy, but which movies to watch with your parents. Of course, you desperately want to avoid sex […]

Must See Movies for the Entire Family: Summer 2015


What’s the perfect activity for a kid who is bored senseless and tired of the hot and sticky summer heat (and for parents who are tired of the hot and sticky summer heat, for that matter!)? Movie theaters offer an air conditioned, entertaining oasis for kids and parents alike. Here, we rounded up our top […]

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