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October 27, 2020 4:49 pm

Best Movies on Netflix 2015

Try hard as they may, but the Netflix suggestions that populate your homepage are sometimes just totally off the mark. Cumulatively, we’ve probably spent hours upon hours (upon days!) scrolling aimlessly through the titles, unsure what to pick. Don’t waste that time anymore! We’ve complied the best movies on Netflix to make it easier to […]

Best Movies on Netflix: Guilty Pleasure Movies


Whether it’s a girls night in on Valentine’s Day or you just feel like watching something so bad it’s good, try these guilty pleasure movie recommendations now available to stream on Netflix.   Uptown Girls (PG-13, 2003) When rich girl Molly Gunn (Brittany Murphy) loses her father and her inheritance, she nannies for a serious […]

Best Movies on Netflix: Movies Worth Rewatching


Just three days ago, Netflix made The Interview available for its subscribers. But you, and anyone with a social media account or chatty co-worker, already knew that. So what about the other movies Netflix has to offer? Netflix is the world’s leading Internet television network with more than two billion hours of TV shows and movies available […]

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