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July 19, 2018 7:50 am

Same Sex Love: Filipino movie “unFRIEND” highlights the dangerous power of social media in influencing same sex love

Filipino movie "unFRIEND"

‘Social Media has reduced us to mere performers and imitators.” This is the message being passed across by the Filipino movie “unFRIEND” as it highlights the dangers of social media in terms of influencing fragile minds.

Director Joselito Altarejos introduces viewers to a world of social media menace by taking them on a journey with the film’s arch character David, who is ditched by his gay friend just before Christmas. David then resorts to his computer, iPad and mobile phones in a vain attempt to prolong his connection with his lover Jonathan. David loses touch with reality as he contemplates a fatal plan.

The film is based on the 2011 shootings in a Filipino shopping mall where a 13-year old boy shot his lover and killed himself as a result of gay love gone sour. The video footage later surfaced in the social media and went viral. Because of such incidents, many brittle minds are being influenced.

Dangers of social media

The film is, therefore, an attempt to sensitize the society on the dangers of letting teenagers access unfiltered information online, exposing them to individuals with questionable characters. The universal message is clear: letting young people access everything can be detrimental to their well-being.

The film shows life in which young people would do everything to access internet in spite of their precarious situation. This can include skipping lunch to buy credit. Kids even neglect their social lives and bury themselves in internet Café booths accessing all manner of information including online materials that instructs individuals how to assemble bombs, commit crimes, commit suicide and an infinite amount of self-destruct information.

UnFRIEND, which was opened in Feb 26, boasts of a mix of upcoming actors and veterans such as Sandino Martin, Anson-Roa and Angelo Ilagan.

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