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July 16, 2018 12:37 pm

The Rivalry Between Television, the Box Office and 3D Movies

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Think about it–would you rather watch 2D television in the comfort of your home? Or, would you prefer to drive to the theater, buy tickets and a snack, then sit in a darkened theater, wearing funky glasses that allowed all the movie’s action to jump out at you?

If you’re anything like 3D movie devotees, you’ll probably drive to the theater then to buy a 3D television. Others, however, aren’t jumping onto the newest technology. About one-third of television viewers don’t believe that 3D technology makes a viewing experience any better. In fact, only 3 percent of television owners even have such a set. In addition, some owners of 3D sets find the glasses inconvenient; with a few even saying they get nauseated wearing the glasses and watching a 3D show.

These televisions are expensive and, in these early days of the technology, it doesn’t match that of the movie theater. This is where viewing a 3D movie in the theater is pulling television viewers out of their homes and into the theaters. It seems that buying a ticket, popcorn, and glass of soda, then sitting in that darkened theater still makes the 3D experience more fully experienced.

Check out this infographic with viewer stats for TV, film, and the future of both!




Arthur is a pharmacist and movie enthusiast.  During his free time Arthur enjoys spending time with his two daughters and loves teaching them about the art of film.