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June 18, 2018 1:28 am

Review: Noah Is Short On Biblical Accuracy but Long On Action and Special Effects


Growing up as the son of a Baptist minister was instrumental in defining the things I know and the way I live my life. Granted, I have taken a different religious path since I struck out on my own. However, the information and basic teachings are always something that have stuck with me down through the years.

As a result, when a major Hollywood movie is released based on one of the many Bible stories I heard as a child, I like to see if the original the story is told. Sure, there aren’t that many of them that have achieved true blockbuster status. So when I saw the impending release of the 2014 movie, Noah, I just had to see it!

As the Bible story goes, God finally became fed up with the doings of man, and the wickedness that they spread across the world. As a result, God decided that he would send a flood and wipe out humanity and start over again. Noah, a descendant of Adam and Eve’s third son, Seth, is tasked with the job of building a boat to save the innocent animals, as well as him and his family. The Ark is built, the Flood comes and the world starts anew.

While these basics ring true in Noah, unfortunately for true Bible enthusiasts that’s where its accuracy pretty much ends. In my opinion, this is understandable, given that the amount of information found in the Bible is not enough to fully populate the movie with detail.

So where did the directors and producers look to fill things up? Special effects! If you are true tech junky, like I am, who has an extreme fascination with special effects, the lack of Biblical accuracy will have little impact on how enjoyable the move is.


Stop motion, a video technique designed to portray movement in inanimate objects, is used liberally through the movie, with excellent results. From the animation of the Watchers, a fictional band of fallen angels, to the incredible scenes of animals migrating to the Ark in the tens of thousands, the people behind the makeup of these scenes truly did an amazing job.

While Bible enthusiasts may have a problem with how stark the addition of Hollywood’s signature flair is in Noah, I found it to be an engaging, action-packed thrill ride from start to finish. Have you seen Noah? Let us know your opinion on it in the Comments section below!

Amelia River

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