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October 31, 2020 3:07 am

Review: Under Gottsunda by Swedish director Viktor Johansson


Under Gottsunda is a feature film about kids growing up in Gottsunda, a housing project in Uppsala, Sweden. Directed by acclaimed Swedish author Viktor Johansson this story explores the hidden world of transitioning into adulthood and growing up unheard. Viktor Johansson’s latest book The Dark Sport is the basis his feature debut Under Gottsunda.

The entire process off Under Gottsunda began as a social project called Gottsunda Stories, where Viktor Johansson was a teacher. This project existed as a workshop where teenagers were able to tell their personal stories, the other side of what was being shown on mainstream media. Some of these stories were brought into the making of the feature film.

In this film we get to experience a number of youth and adults telling their side to the story,  some are fictional and some are true but this makes a comment on what media portrays and what is real. Humanising these people, you want to get to know these people a little better. Under Gottsunda tells the story of the people society has forgotten, as one of the kids eloquently puts it “There are interrogations all the time, but still no one is really listening”.


The movie takes place in Gottsunda, a Swedish neighborhood in Uppsala and is set somewhere between fiction and documentary. It is about young people who are growing up in underground subcultures. These people are part of society but at the same time they feel as though they are outside. The film is based on the stories of these young people and Viktor Johansson’s critically acclaimed novel  The Dark Sport. It is a new idea in modern Swedish film, the characters include a father who is teaching his daughter how to manage life without him. There are kids who have fled to Sweden from Palestine, transitioning into life there, rejecting their parents’ ideals in a rite of passage. This film follows the unseen teens down the rabbit hole.


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Under Gottsunda’s rating hit the top 5 in Sweden