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June 17, 2018 7:46 pm

Preview: Leaving Circadia


Leaving Circadia is a 2013 “romantic dramedy” that follows a group of 30-something friends living in a Brooklyn Brownstone as they confront love and new responsibilities in the final days of their late twenties bachelorhood. This is a refreshing NYC-area indie film! “Leaving Circadia,” an independent film began filming at Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City in 2010 and followed up in Brooklyn.

The plot surrounds Tom, a slacker artist (building superintendent by day) and Collette, the attractive new tenant. Interweaving into the story are Tom’s friends, the landlord, and another new tenant. Typical bachelor behavior, Tom wastes his days away – until Collette moves into the building..



Starring (in alphabetical order): Michael Cerveris, Christian Coulson, Lindsay Felton, Joe Gannascoli, Zack Griffiths, Regi Huc, Larisa Polonksy, Drew Seltzer, Stoya, Cindy Vero, Evan Mathew Weinstein and Ashley C. Williams.

  • Directed by Evan Mathew Weinstein
  • Written by Evan Mathew Weinstein
  • Story by Evan Mathew Weinstein and Regi Huc
  • Executive Producers: Regi Huc, Drew Seltzer, Evan Mathew Weinstein.
  • Producer: Jesse R. Tendler
  • Co-Producer: Vitaly Bokser

Leaving Circadia is a commercial, edgy, slice-of-life film similar in style to “500 Days of Summer” and “Singles.” Written by Evan Mathew Weinstein, story by Evan Mathew Weinstein and Regi Huc. Leaving Circadia is being produced as a Screen Actors Guild signatory project. Production team includes editor Frank Reynolds of the 5-time Oscar-nominated film “In the Bedroom,” DP Vitaly Bokser filming on the RED, and various international musical artists contributing to the soundtrack.






Photo credit: Rachel Esterday

Stay tuned for a trailer and information on viewing this indie film!


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