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June 17, 2018 7:35 pm

Predictions For The Top 5 Films Of 2014

Top movies of 2014

In the beginning of the year, there has to be a lot of speculations and rives about the movies that are creating a lot buzz in the movie calendar. Let us look at some movies that are expected to drive the cine-goers to the box-office in the year 2014:

Transcendence 2014

1.       Transcendence

The Pirates of Caribbean star, Johnny Depp, have done some invention of super computer that will help the government, is the plot of the movie. Being one of the most promising movies of the year looks it can be in the leading race for ‘the best film’ of 2014. It looks like one of the movies that sound like a mixture of I-robot and Terminator and such movies.

We have to wait and watch how Johnny Depp will weave magic on screen after his much acclaimed Jack sparrow role. But it is immensely capable of creating ripples in the movie industry.

Th Hobbit 2014

2.       The Hobbit: There and Back again

Now, whenever there is a Hobbit movie in the year, its loyal fans always wait with so much of expectations. The movie has its own set of following, and the final movie of the Hobbit Trilogy is surely going to be a crowd puller. There has been a lot of news around this sequel that it is the best installment of the series. Now that has got our interest raised up. Now we wish, “there and back again”, should surely be front runners at the box-office.

Dawn of the planet of the apes 2014

3.       Dawn of the planet of Apes

The prequel was much better than we expected. The Rise of planet of Apes hinted that there would be a sequel, but many thought not. Now there is actually a sequel waiting for us. The monkey movies especially enchant a lot of movies as there has some sort of uniqueness to it.

All we can hope this ‘Ape’ movie gets a response and we enjoy this motion picture as much as we loved its first flick.

Interstellar 2014

4.       Interstellar

Now, the movie has one and only one reason to watch: Christopher Nolan. All the Nolan movies are classical epics; do we need to say more? Memento, The Prestige, Batman Trilogy director comes again with a sci-fi movie and somewhat related to space travel. Not to reveal anything about the plot, there is only one reason that would create a storm at the ticket window- Nolan direction.

Guardians of the galaxy 2014

5.       Guardians of Galaxy

We have been avoiding any information around the movie that would kill the ‘mystery’ factor of the movie. Thus, we are not going to reveal about it because we too have a lack of information. The movie has been one of the most awaited movies of 2014. This can be a very surprising blockbuster of 2014, and we do hope this happens that way.

We have predicted the top movies that are most eagerly awaited by cine-goers. Now their fate lies in the hands of its viewers.

Lindsay Reeds

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