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June 17, 2018 5:42 pm

35 Movies to Watch with Your Parents

Movies to watch with your parentsLooking for movies to watch with your parents? We know the feeling. The family gathers in the TV room. Staring at the blank screen, someone asks, “what should we watch?” But it’s not a question of action or comedy, but which movies to watch with your parents. Of course, you desperately want to avoid sex scenes, but over the top violence and foul language can upset them too. Yet, you can only watch so many G rated movies before you’ve time traveled to your childhood. Here’s a list of movies to watch with your parents. This list is not for kids, but young adults and adults with their parents (please keep in mind the ratings listed). These movies range from classics to modern remakes, and we’ve marked the ones available for Netflix streaming. Refer to this list with confidence knowing that no lectures or side remarks will ruin your movie experience. Now, please pass the popcorn.




  • Pitch Perfect (PG-13, 2012)
  • 50 First Dates– Netflix (PG-13, 2004)
  • Miss Congeniality (PG-13, 2000)
  • Notting Hill (PG-13, 1999)
  • My Best Friend’s Wedding– Netflix (PG-13, 1997)
  • Mrs. Doubtfire (PG-13, 1993)


  • The Imitation Game (PG-13, 2014)
  • The Help (PG-13, 2011)
  • Big Fish (PG-13, 2003)
  • Rain Man (R, 1998)
  • Shindler’s List (R, 1993)


  • 42 (PG-13, 2013)
  • Moneyball (PG-13, 2011)
  • The Blind Side (PG-13, 2009)
  • Coach Carter– Netflix¬†(PG-13, 2005)
  • Rudy– Netflix (PG, 1993)
  • The Mighty Ducks (PG, 1992)
  • A League of Their Own (PG, 1992)


  • Thor (PG-13, 2011)
  • Ocean’s 11 (PG-13, 2001)
  • Jurassic Park (PG-13, 1993)

Old School Favorites

  • Sound of Music (G, 1965)
  • Sister Act (PG, 1992)
  • Mary Poppins (G, 1964)
  • Footloose– Netflix (PG, 1984)


  • Maleficent (PG, 2014)
  • Saving Mr. Banks (PG-13, 2013)
  • Monster’s University (G, 2013)
  • Up (PG, 2009)


  • Boyhood (R, 2014)
  • Supersize Me (PG-13, 2004)


  • Annie (PG, 2014)
  • School of Rock– Netflix (PG-13, 2003)¬†
  • That Thing You Do (PG, 1996)

Love this list? Have more suggestions of other good movies to watch with your parents? Disagree with some ours listed? Need more categories, or examples within categories? Comment and let us know. Film Forecaster would be happy to improve your family movie night!

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