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June 17, 2018 7:48 pm

Movies About Teachers That Will Inspire You


We have come across all types of movies. While we often think of movies in genre, we can also categorizes movies by shared experiences. There have been many movies featuring inspiring teachers and mentors that made every audience a student. While there have been several movies in this regard, the top four fictional teachers we have chosen show a range of admirable roles:

Dead Poets Society

Released in 1989, Dead Poet Society features Robin Williams as the iconic John Keating. He is an English teacher who uses the love of poetry and classic literature in order to change things up in the Welton Academy, a stuffy school for boys.

Keating inspires the young to seize the day and push the students to be themselves and nobody else. The movie is very emotionally charged. The movie gives you the lesson of being your true self and nobody else. It shows you what to do and when to do it when you are in a turmoil situation and it also shows that education and good grades, while important, are no more important than being and improving yourself. The movie motivates you to break through the barriers that surround you, and maybe even read some poetry.

Pursuit Of Happiness

Released in 2006, Pursuit of Happiness has been another brilliant movie that taught us way too many things. The movie’s teacher is not one in the classroom, but a teacher nonetheless – a father.  Chris Gardner (Will Smith), who plays a father to his young child, must make an ambition career change to support his family. The movie is based on the power of hard work and true perseverance. The Pursuit of Happiness shows you that if you are determined, there isn’t much that you cannot do or achieve.


Good Will Hunting

Released in 1997, Good Will Hunting features Matt Damon and Robin Williams. Matt Damon plays the role of Will Hunting, a 20 year of mathematics prodigy who works as a janitor at MIT. The movie showcases how an underachiever can manage to change things up entirely. Matt has a past with run-ins with laws and street fights and that is where Robin Williams comes in, a former college pressure turned psychologist, who pushes him to grow and achieve greatness.


School of Rock

In need of money, struggling musician Dewey Finn (Jack Black) poses as his Ned Schneebly to secure a substitute teacher job. Unqualified to teach at a prestigious elementary school, Dewey seems unfit for the role until he discovers his student’s musical talents. By teaching them about “the man” and lessons of Rock and Roll, Dewey enters the motley crew to a Battle of the Bands. In the end, Dewey learns from his students and his students learn from Dewey. While certainly an unconventional teacher, Dewey is certainly a memorable, fun one.


Jeff Hemingway

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