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June 18, 2018 1:29 am

Lovable Heroes: My Picks For Top Movie Heroes and Why


A couple weeks back, I had the opportunity to present a list of some of my favorite horror movie monsters and why those in particular were my favs. When it comes to monsters, I like more than just the common chop-em-up villain. It takes a bit of panache to make it past the realms of the ordinary.

Heroes are the same, requiring unique qualities to make it to the top of my list. These qualities differ a bit from what I like in a movie monster and include the following:

  • Durability: This mainly deals with how easy it is to kill the hero. Healing, immortality, things like that. No hero worth his salt in my book is easy to dispatch.
  • Powers: Obviously, who wants a hero with mediocre powers?
  • Personality: This factored in with my monster pals, however a bit differently. For example, I ruled out Iron Man, due solely to Tony Stark’s forever-quipping character. Strong is the word to use here, not solely the physical, but also the mental.

So now that we have an outline of what I look for in a superhero, let’s get to my top three picks!


I want to stress one thing here. While Deadpool, like so many other superheroes, comes directly from the pages of graphic novels, this is not the Deadpool I am referring to. Rather the one found in X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the one that claims today’s top spot.

From what I hear, he is completely different from the graphic novel version in a couple ways. First, the movie version’s powers far outstrip the graphic novel version. Also, apparently Deadpool’s mouth wasn’t sown shut in the paper version.

The reason good ol’ Deadpool heads my list is his powers. Take a bunch of awesome powers, throw them into one character and you have Deadpool, also know in this capacity as Weapon XI. The list is long and varied, including healing/regeneration, technopathy (the ability to control electricity with the mind) and teleportation. Add all of this together and you have one powerful creature.



Most of my exposure to Odin has come from the many books on myths and gods I read as a child, rather than primarily through movies. To me, Odin symbolizes not only raw power (which he has in spades) but also wisdom. His wealth of knowledge and understanding surpasses most superheroes, landing him the number two spot in my list of favorites.



An oldy but goody, Superman, to me, is a true symbol of constant strength, both physically and ethically. Put aside his signature nemesis, kryptonite, and you have a character able to withstand a wide assortment of damage types. In addition, his strong moral compass and desire to help those weaker than he is, is a source of inspiration.

The portrayal I enjoyed the most was by Henry Cavill in Man of Steel. This is primarily due to a quiet yet powerful demeanor, one that is not above snapping some handcuffs to show that he is not, nor ever will be, controlled by humans.


Who is your favorite superheroes? Why do you like them? Let us know in the Comments section below!

Lindsay Reeds

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