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June 17, 2018 7:36 pm

Laugh Out Loud Movies!

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If you are a fan of cinematic comedy, you would definitely be interested in learning about the best movies to make you laugh out loud. When it comes to comedy films, there are thousands however, which ones can truly make you laugh?

Below is our list of: 5 of The Best Laugh Out Loud Movies


1. Sideways


The movie sideways is about two friends who go on a wine trip in efforts to throw a smashing bachelor party and do it right before the wedding. The film contains endless jokes and funny lines throughout the entire movie. The screenplay of this movie was written by Jim Taylor and Alexander Payne and won the Academy Award for the Best Adapted Screenplay.

2. 50/50 


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This popular comedy, based on a true story was released semi recently. The story of this movie revolves around a man who has been diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. He is given the odds of a 50/50 survival rate. You might be wondering how the subject of this film made it onto our laugh out loud comedy list. Well, we have the director to thank for that. The film crew did a tremendous job creating a humor aspect of this movie, regardless of the serious subject. The two main actors delivered a tremendous performance in the film. 

3. Deadpool


If someone were to ask about a movie that made you laugh out loud in the past year, we are hopeful that the movie Deadpool would come to mind. The multiple personalities portrayed by Daniel Way, aka Deadpool, contributed a lot towards its hilarious nature. Deadpool is supposed to be a serious action movie, but once you start watching it, you realize just how funny it is. Deadpool is considered one of the most popular comedy movies produced by Marvel in recent years.

4. Sleepwalk with Me


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Sleepwalk with Me, which was directed by Mile Birbiglia, is based on a one man show. The director himself was a stand up comedian when he started his own career. Therefore, he has taken necessary measures to make the audience laugh from beginning to end. This movie is about a man who is struggling with a rare disease, related to a sleeping disorder. It is a touching story filled with comedy. In fact, the humor delivered by the movie Sleepwalk with Me is simply undeniable.

5. Seven Psychopaths


Seven Psychopaths is a movie that was directed and written by Martin McDunnaugh. As the title suggests, this movie is about seven crazy criminals who try many different methods to get rich within a short period of time. Two of these criminals are engaged with stealing dogs. They make money by returning the stolen dogs back to the owner. Likewise, all of the other criminals are also engaged in odd methods of making money, which contributes towards the humorous aspect of it.

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