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June 17, 2018 5:55 pm

Guardians Of the Galaxy Set To Smash Records With Opening Weekend Ticket Sales


While I have heard quite a bit of hype regarding the release of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, I have not yet had the opportunity to go see it myself. In fact, I would be had pressed to tell you any specific details about the movie, given that this is one of those films I want to see fresh, without any expectations generated by other people’s reviews.


The basic story goes, our hero, John Quill (played by Chris Pratt) steals a mystifying orb located out in the far reaches of outer space. Quill is then pursued by an evil villain, known as Ronan the Accuser (played by Lee Pace) who seeks to use the power of the orb for his own nefarious schemes. Quill then forms the Guardians of the Galaxy, as a means of stopping this wicked reprobate dead in his tracks.


Guardians started out strong in its late Thursday evening opening, generating an excess of $11 million dollars in box office sales. This would increase by an order of magnitude on Friday, with sales rocketing up to a solid $37.8 million. If the movie keeps its current level of reception, we could very well see an excess of $100 million by the end of the weekend.

This would smash box office records for all movies released in August, formerly held by the The Bourne Ultimatum, which generated around $69.3 million in its opening weekend in 2007. It also has the potential to exceed the record for highest opening this year, a rank currently held by Transformers: Age of Extinction, which opened in July at a cool $100 million.


Why is Guardians of the Galaxy doing so well? Again, I have to stress that my exposure to the intricacies of the film is extremely limited. I have never read the graphic novels the story is taken from and have actively avoided reading reviews due to the aforementioned reason.

As a result, I have to form my opinion based on what I do know about it. The most obvious thing to rear its head as a solid reason for its success is an all-star cast. Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel are two of my personal favorites, each with a solid background of films that I truly enjoy.





Zoe Saldana, a favorite from the new Star Trek franchise, as well as Avatar and Columbiana, is someone I always delight in watching. For her acting prowess, of course, not the fact that she is a stone cold fox to boot.


Throw in Chris Pratt, John C Reilly, Djimon Hounsou and Benicio Del Toro, and you have a cast so up my alley that it is almost physical pain each day I have not seen it. Suffice it to say, as soon as I have the opportunity, I will join the legions of people who have seen this exciting film.

Have you had a chance to see Guardians of the Galaxy yet? If so, let us know how you liked it in the Comments section below!

Dan Mullins

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