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March 10, 2019 12:04 am

The Greatest Movie Viral Campaigns

The Greatest Movie Viral Campaigns

Producing a movie is one thing; marketing is another.

But there are creative marketing geniuses who have employed some unimaginable tactics to produce amazing results with their movie campaigns. Here are the top 5 movie viral campaigns of all time:

  • Toy Story 3

 Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 sold some $1 billion advanced tickets. Prior to its launch, a fake viral video campaign was launched in the 1980s. Also, Ken doll gave out advice series called ‘Ken’s Dating Tips’ to help audience warm up for the movie.

  • The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project

Arguably, The Blair Witch Project is the best watched movie created with a micro-budget. This movie launched the whole notion of viral marketing through a word of mouth to generate massive profits. The campaign tactic employed here was that viewers were being told, thorough missing persons posters, that the filmmakers were missing while researching in the woods for the mythical Blair.

  • Snakes on a Plane

Snakes in the Plane

This movie grossed over $62 million despite many people terming it a disappointment. Apparently, people paid to see it just to see how bad it was. Also, the movie became an instant hit because of its name, proving that names do matter.

  • Inception


“The Dark Knight” by Christopher Nolan received an overwhelming success due to its viral campaign. The same strategy was employed for “Inception”. Moreover, fans were treated to a series of interviews with scientists who specialize in dreams. These attempts lured the audience to buy the movie.

  • Last Exorcism

Last Exorcism

The movie is based on a church minister who chronicles his final exorcism and the lost faith. The Eli Roth produced film used Chatroulette webcam when it was at its peak to convince unsuspecting boys that a cute girl they were talking to was about to strip. Instead, the girl’s eyes could roll back and scream and then the movie’s website could be seen.

  • Cloverfield


The producer of the film, JJ Abrams, already had experience with viral marketing when marketing his TV show “Lost”. So, he used similar tactics in “Cloverfield” and it generated massive success. However, the studio wanted to keep the movie a secret before it debuted. So, the misdirected information online and called the movie ‘Colossus’ before finally disclosing its name when it came to the theaters.

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