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October 31, 2020 3:25 am

Five Indie Films and Filmmakers of the week: #9!

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Film Forecaster is a huge supporter and advocate for independent films and filmmakers. Thus, we decided that they needed more love and we are here to feature the indies in the film industry! We ALL start somewhere.


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Are you a filmmaker, actor/actress, writer, producer, director, critic, or even distributor of independent films? Get in touch with us, because we would love to interview and feature you AND your work!

Our list of five this week:

  1. The Wrong Side of Town – Indiegogo
  2. Black August – Indiegogo
  3. Man B – Indiegogo
  4. Strangers – Indiegogo
  5. Moth – Indiegogo



The Wrong Side of Town

The Wrong Side of Town Is a film that re-addresses the prejudices of class. It tackles fear of the unknown and the other from an updated perspective in a post-noughties London. It aims to provide the audience with a full spectrum of modern troubles; from the light hearted moments to the lonely moments of fear and despair.


We are a group of 3rd year Media & Communications undergraduates studying at Goldsmiths University. This is our last project and we need the funds to make our degrees go out with a bang! and maybe a First. The whole group has focused their degree’s on film-making for the whole of their university lives. We are dedicated and we have each perfected our crafts for this very project, so we intend on making an impact.



Black August


India. The year is 1975. As political unrest sweeps the nation, a young banker meets a beautiful girl on a dark, winding road.  What begins as an innocent encounter will release the powers of darkness and the banker will have no choice but to face his final judgment.

Black August is a short horror film produced by Payodhi-Stewart Films and will be directed by Canadian director William Stewart.  Production is set to begin in February 2014.

Well, as far as Payodhi-Stewart Films is concerned India does not have a recognized horror genre, but we want to change that!  We want to show that India can make horror films just as frightening as America, Britain, Italy, and Japan!



Man B


Man B is a romance about the intersection of love and logic.  Coming off the heels of various large expenditure projects, The Man B team seeks a return to the quiet heart of film-making; the telling of a sweet, simple story.

But we can’t do this alone, we need you!  By helping us make this film, you aren’t just another number in a budget, you are an artist and a critical member of the Man B team.

We encourage all possible patrons to take a read through of our script by clicking here, MAN B SHOOTING SCRIPT, check our cinematographers reel here, BW DIRECTORS REEL and then please reach out to Production Staff at, where you can leave us feedback, set up a phone appointment to speak with the Producers, Director, Writers or the Actors and find out how you can become a pivotal part of telling the Man B story.

Man B is about love, logic, not saying what should be said, and two people who might be happy together but aren’t quite sure.  It’s based on the short story “The Philosopher in the Apple Orchard,” written by Anthony Hope in 1893, but like most good love stories it isn’t really tied to any specific time or place.

Hope was a romantic, but he was also a gentleman.  He knew that sometimes the best way to love someone was to stay silent about it, no matter how awful that might be.  His Prisoner of Zenda had at its center two people who loved each other too much to have an affair.  The characters in “The Philosopher in the Apple Orchard” are suspended in the moment immediately preceding the declaration of love.  One of them thinks it would be wonderful to take care of the person you love; the other’s less certain.

It’s a simple story, but more powerful for its simplicity.  We’ve all been there at some point or another, on one side or the other – either standing at the brink of the cliff mustering our courage to jump, or standing beside the person standing on the brink, wondering how to tell them that if they do jump they won’t fly.

If that makes this sound like a Serious Film, it’s not.  It’s fifteen minutes about two young people in love sitting on a log in the woods.  Sometimes the most important decisions of our lives are made in a half-joking half-second, and are defined by the things we choose not to say.

But right now, all this is just in our heads.  We need your help to put it on the screen.




Donovan Price is a ticking time bomb of unpredictable behavior  When he is on a date with his love interest, he is incapable of treating anyone with respect. After making a scene he storms out of the restaurant and leaves her behind, embarrassed and in tears. In his solitude, Donovan blames everyone but himself. When he wakes up the next morning his apartment is vandalized and coated in darkness. Just a few rays of light come through the barricaded windows. Close to him, immersed within the shadows, lurks an ever grinning mask. Four strangers have occupied his home to confront him.


Erik Lehmann, Writer / Producer / Director – After completing his apprenticeship as a film editor in 2009, Erik moved on as a CG artist and soon became a freelancer in the VFX area. As such, he worked on visual effects for movies like Star Trek Into Darkness, Iron Man 3, Cloud Atlas and Captain America: The First Avenger. In addition, he wrote scripts and followed his passion as a director. Erik‘s last production „The Document“ was screened at the Cannes Film Festival 2013 Short Film Corner. More of his work can be found at

Stephan Paul, Camera Operator – Stephan spent two years in Copenhagen before returning to Berlin to work as an editor and camera assistant at Preuss Filmproduktion. In 2009 he earned a scholarship and studied at the film academy Kelle. Stephan gained a lot of experience through various student and self-financed productions, including a collaboration with Erik Lehmann on the short film “The Document”. Now he works as a visual merchandiser, photographer and cinematographer.

Tommy Scheer, Co-Producer – Tommy completed an internship at a local television broadcaster close to Berlin. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Sports and is about to obtain his Master’s degree in those fields. In addition to his studies, he works at a cinema and follows his passion by supporting art, movie and photography projects from different artists in Dortmund and Berlin.

Michel Schüler, Actor – Michel will be the star of our film. He spent 10 years studying fine arts at HBK Braunschweig, UdK Berlin and CalArts in Los Angeles. After and during his studies he took several acting, scene study and phonation classes to improve his skills. Michel gained a lot of experience as an actor in short, commercial and feature film productions such as “Don – The King is Back”, “Schiller – Sommernacht” and “1000 Könige”. He worked with Erik Lehmann on “The Document”, where he took on a supporting role.

Timm-Eric Heiland, Composer / Sound Editor – Timm found his interest in music and sounds as a kid, followed by learning several instruments and a vigorous passion for the electric bass guitar. Timm finished an internship in Düsseldorf before he successfully started producing and scoring music for commercials and films. Today he works under the pseudonym “globule du sang” as a sound engineer and sound designer. Timm created the sound design and composed the score for “The Document”. More of his work can be found at




Sam Whitaker is a 9 year-old girl struggling to find her place in the world while trapped in a midwestern town in 1944. Her father fights overseas. Her mother works extra shifts to keep a roof over their heads.

She hangs out with a group of boys and girls that can only be described as bullies. They tease other kids and vandalize property. One day they force Sam to pick on Frank, the town outcast that the bullies call ‘Frankenstein’ because of his physical deformities.

After Sam is peer pressured into committing this cruel act against Frank she follows him home to apologize away from the prying eyes of the crowd. With this act of kindness a beautiful friendship forms that exposes the lives of both characters inspiring them to take action against the demons that they face.


Beauty found within an ugly world is precious but fleeting.


At the 2013 Columbia University Film Festival director, Andy Fortenbacher, won the director’s development award from Aldamisa Entertainment.

That grant allowed for us to shoot the first phase (Spring) of production in August 2013, but we still have the bulk of the filming to go (Winter). We’ll be filming for 6 days, with a number of children, in the middle of winter, in Michigan. Needless to say, there are a lot of factors that need to be addressed.

With child actors there is a very a strict limit on the number of hours that they can be working. Blaine Mallory who plays Sam Whitaker, our protagonist, is a pleasure to have on set and does a fantastic job keeping up her energy and high spirits during long days, but, still, there is a limit. And we will have several additional child actors joining us for Part 2.

Especially with the extreme weather conditions we are anticipating and the potential problems that could arise with moving an entire film production through back roads in a small Michigan town we are playing it safe by giving ourselves 6 days to get the footage we need.



Send us your recommendations for our next Indie Film and Filmmaker feature!!

By G+ Author: Dan Mullins.



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