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October 31, 2020 3:22 am

Five Indie Films and Filmmakers of the week: #8!

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Film Forecaster is a huge supporter and advocate for independent films and filmmakers. Thus, we decided that they needed more love and we are here to feature the indies in the film industry! We ALL start somewhere.


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Are you a filmmaker, actor/actress, writer, producer, director, critic, or even distributor of independent films? Get in touch with us, because we would love to interview and feature you AND your work!

Our list of five this week:

  1. Crying Wolf – Twitter, IMDB
  2. Fire City: Interpreter of Signs – Twitter, Kickstarter, Site
  3. The Discoverers – Twitter, Site
  4. Red Wing – Twitter, Site
  5. Broken Side of Time – IMDB, Kickstarter


Crying Wolf

Crying Wolf, a British horror comedy from the mind of Tony Jopia (DeadtimeCute Little Buggers), tells the story of macabre and gruesome events in the quaint English village of Deddington. When a local girl, Charlotte, gets ravaged by a mysterious beast, teams of desperate reporters, crazy detectives and revenge-seeking hunters try to uncover the truth before it is too late.

Crying Wolf stars Caroline Munro, Gary Martin, Joe Egan, Kristofer Dayne and Ian Donnelly, it is to be released in March 2014.




Fire City: Interpreter of Signs

In a world where demons live secretly among us, a demon goes against his own nature to save a young human girl from dark forces too evil even for him to bear.

The Interpreter Of Signs is the first feature film of the 4-film franchise. It is a demon fantasy thriller set against the noir backdrop of Fire City, a shadowy atmospheric world, where demons live among humans who can’t see them for what they are. This first film asks, when you embody evil incarnate, and give it not just a face, but many faces, a society, a history, mundane jobs and worldly humdrum routine to go along with its otherworldly attributes, how does it behave? Does it run amok or does it find equilibrium and settle into the slow burn of day-to-day existence? And if the latter, what happens when this equilibrium is suddenly destroyed?



Our story follows Atum Vine, a 700-year-old demon, who looks just shy of 30, with a bad attitude and an 8-foot wingspan. To the humans who live unknowingly among demons in a beat-up tenement building, Vine is the drug dealer at the end of the hall. But to the demons on the floor, Vine is a procurer of human misery, which demons need to survive.

While it is true that some demons misbehave, most of them abide by the Balance, a kind of unwritten rule that’s been around since the beginning of time: feed off human misery, don’t cause it. Humans are capable of creating plenty of misery on their own.

The humans on Vine’s floor are average, which is to say, selfish, abusive, deceitful, and mean-spirited. The demons on the other hand are moderate and cautious. Mostly. They just want their fair share. And they pay Vine to get it for them. The way Vine sees it, just because he’s evil incarnate doesn’t mean he’s not a positive force in the grand scheme of things. He’s a regulator, if you will, perpetuating suffering but not letting it get out of hand. If it weren’t for him, there would be dead junkies everywhere, and that’s no good for anybody.

Between the humans living in the apartments around them and the parade of suffering drug-users marching nightly down the hall to Vine’s doorstep, life for the demons on the floor is about as good as it gets. Until…

Everything changes.


The Discoverers


Washed-up history professor Lewis Birch (Oscar and Emmy nominated Griffin Dunne) takes his begrudging teenage kids – Zoe (Madeleine Martin, “Californication”) and Jack (Devon Graye, “American Horror Stories”) – on a road trip to a conference in hopes of putting his career back on track. But, when Lewis’s estranged father Stanley (Emmy Award-winning Stuart Margolin) goes AWOL on a Lewis and Clark historical reenactment trek, Lewis is forced to make a family detour. The Birch family find themselves on a journey of discovery and connection as they make their own passage west.

THE DISCOVERERS is a bittersweet comedy and moving debut feature from writer/director Justin Schwarz led by Dunne’s striking comeback performance. This engaging tale of family dysfunction and rediscovery also features a talented ensemble cast including David Rasche, (IN THE LOOP), Dreama Walker (COMPLIANCE), Ann Dowd (COMPLIANCE), Cara Buono (“Mad Men”), Becky Ann Baker (“Girls”), Scott Adsit (“30 Rock”), and John C. McGinley (“Scrubs”).

The Discoverers creative team includes Variety’s 2012 Cinematographer to Watch Chris Blauvelt (Meek’s Cutoff), production designer Kelly McGehee (The Deep End), editor Geraud Brisson (From The Sky Down), and Oscar-nominated sound designer Ron Bochar (Moneyball).



Red Wing


“Red Wing” is a socially thought-provoking and stirring love story based on the French novella, “François le Champi” by George Sand. It is set in a small Texas town in present day. It reminds us of how love can be found in the most unusual places. “Red Wing” follows the troubled journey of an orphan boy into manhood. Despite all odds, when confronted with the ill-will of others, he maintains honor and integrity. We learn that if we let it, love takes over and finds its way.


Broken Side of Time

Gorman Bechard BROKEN SIDE OF TIME Lynn Mancinelli Film Courage1

Over a million women have modeling portfolios online. BROKEN SIDE OF TIME is the story of Dolce, one of the models who’ve made a career of it. But now 30, and tired of competing with 18-year-olds, Dolce realizes what makes her feel most alive is also killing her. Before starting a new career behind the camera, she embarks on a long road trip home, shooting with her favorite photographers one last time, and shedding her lifestyle-acquired vices along the way. Combing real photoshoots shot cinéma vérité-style with a narrative based on some very real-life adventures in front of the lens, BROKEN SIDE OF TIME is a dark, sexual glimpse into a world never before captured in a film. A world where any woman can play the role of a model, and any man can be a photographer, and where even the best of them must consider whether the fame and money is worth the cost.



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By G+ Author: Dan Mullins.


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