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October 27, 2020 4:42 pm

Five Indie Films and Filmmakers of the week: #5!

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Film Forecaster is a huge supporter and advocate for independent films and filmmakers. Thus, we decided that they needed more love and we are here to feature the indies in the film industry! We ALL start somewhere.

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Are you a filmmaker, actor/actress, writer, producer, director, critic, or even distributor of independent films? Get in touch with us, because we would love to interview and feature you AND your work!

Our list of five this week:

  1. Our Own – A Short Film – Indiegogo, Twitter
  2. CREDITORS – The Film – Kickstarter, Twitter
  3. Michael A Barnard – Twitter, Site
  4. Chasing Taste – Site, Indiegogo
  5. Lost Diagnosis – Twitter, Site

Our Own

A short film about small towns, government conspiracy, and love.
Logline: A small, peaceful Midwestern town has kept a horrific government secret…until now.

Behold the power of social networking!

This film project all started with a tweet. 

  • The idea for this film started with a tweet and a series of photos. From there, Kim Bergman wrote an incredible script about a small town dealing with the aftermath of a military experiment gone wrong. Or did it?
  • Getting this film made is about more than making a movie. It’s about the power of women in film, and the magnitude of social networking. Anne, Jamie, Kim and Zac would never have met if not for Twitter. The friendships they’ve made and the bonds are unlike any they ever expected. In June 2012, all were lucky enough to meet at a pitch fest in Burbank, California, and have stayed in touch and grown closer.
  • And the rest is up to you! Three women and one courageous man will work with an incredible cast and crew to make a mind tingling short film that will leave you wanting more.


Support them on Indiegogo!



Ben Cura is heading the Kickstarter for the film, Creditors. He states:

In 2008, I saw Alan Rickman‘s revival of the stage play “Creditors” written by August Strindberg. It stayed with me ever since. In 2011, I started working on a film adaptation. It’s now ready to be shot.

Kickstarter is increasingly proving itself to be the place where independent filmmakers can get the support and funding needed to get their films made – “Veronica Mars”, “Wish I Was Here”Spike Lee‘s latest film etc. – they are some of the best examples.

For this kind of film, funding it the traditional way would mean accepting conditions which would make me – us – have to change the way we make the film – and even rewrite the story. That’s not good.

So we’re turning to you to make it happen.

“Creditors” is the story of a love triangle, which finds itself unraveled when an American painter, Freddie Lynch, whose career and marriage are in decline is approached by an admirer, Grant Pierce, in a secluded hotel on an island in England and eased into making sense of his troubled relationship with his wife, writer Chloe Fleury.

Kickstarter video:

This is an impressive Kickstarter campaign, check it out and supprt indie!



Michael A Barnard

“Michael’s script is one of the best I’ve read in a very long time. It’s got a terrific story (one that could have gone so wrong at least a dozen times but didn’t,) it’s got loads of heart (in a good way,) it’s got humor (I laughed out loud at least a couple of times,) it’s got genuinely interesting and appealing characters (the lead is especially well drawn and a great role.)  Best of all, it’s actually full of good writing. It’s a film that really needs to be made.” – Mark Lipsky.

Michael says it best about his experience working on his short film, A Father and Son:

When I first wrote the story for the screenplay A FATHER AND SON, I would’ve been astonished to learn that the subject matter could still have an impact now, more than a decade later. Not only is it still true, it is worse. Society is moving too slowly to protect its families in diversity.

Our society has a mechanism: when bad judgment and hatred become visible to all, others can strive to correct it. It’s like flipping on a light and all the cockroaches scurry away. The public awareness can cause correction.

A FATHER AND SON is a good screenplay, a thriller drama that is fast-paced and full of good characters. It is an enjoyable movie and will please audiences. And, it also shines a light that causes cockroaches of hatred to scatter.

Check out Michael’s list of movies and projects here!


Watch the promo for A Father and Son:

– Indie motion picture “A Father and Son” addresses issue of families that abandon their children who come out as gay. What happens to those boys as they struggle to survive? What happens to those parents who realize they made a mistake?


Chasing Taste

CHASING TASTE tells the story of a down-and-out novelist who is transformed overnight into NYC’s next big food critic. On the cusp of fame and fortune, the writer turned food critic suddenly loses his sense of taste and smell, forcing him to rely on a team of super “smellers” and tasters to help him fake his reviews.

The screenplay is written by Lori Fischer and produced by Ashley Wren Collins, Maitely Weismann and Sean Gannet. The picture also marks the feature film directorial debut of Sean Gannet.

CHASING TASTE features the talented ensemble cast of Elisa Blynn, Ashley Wren Collins, Jabari Gray, Uma Incrocci, Ty Jones, Ryan McDonough, Kirk McGee, Maitely Weismann and April Wilkner, as well as great cameos from Joseph R. Gannascoli (Sopranos), Phil Vassar (Songwriter of the Year, Country Music Star), Kevin Brown (30 Rock), Lynn Cohen (Sex and the City), and Troma Entertainment’s B-moviemaker king, Lloyd Kaufman. The movie is executive produced bySuzanne DeLaurentiis.

FRESH FROM A “BEST COMEDY” WIN at the Burbank International Film Festival, the cast and crew of CHASING TASTE need to make their award-winning movie even better, which is where you enter the equation.


Lost Diagnosis

UK Indie Mystery Thriller #LostDiagnosisFilm – from writer/director @Jamie72G and producer @Michael_R_B_, in post-production!

A murder suspect, Edward, has gone missing. Three people must find him. Each for their own reasons. Only one of them can get what they want. How far will they go in order to get it?

That is the story of upcoming independent Drama/Thriller film, Lost Diagnosis. Set on the South Coast of England, a story of crime, of deceit, and of desperation. A police detective, John, with a dark past, who must protect his secret from his work, and his wife. A drug addict, Jim, forced to kill Edward, in exchange for a cleared debt. And the missing person’s former lover, Fiona, a highly skilled private detective, who is convinced Edward is in danger, and she must find him to help him.

But what makes this search so much more dangerous, is that there is more to Edward than they know. Sound like the kind of film you’d like to see? Check out our teaser trailer below to get a true feel for the viewing experience of our upcoming feature:

By G+ Author: Dan Mullins.

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A great list of movies I will be sure to find when they are finished.