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October 31, 2020 3:02 am

Five Indie Films and Filmmakers of the week: #11!

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Film Forecaster is a huge supporter and advocate for independent films and filmmakers. Thus, we decided that they needed more love and we are here to feature the indies in the film industry! We ALL start somewhere.

Are you a filmmaker, actor/actress, writer, producer, director, critic, or even distributor of independent films? Get in touch with us, because we would love to interview and feature you AND your work!

Our list of five this week:

  1. SEPARATION: A Short Film By Andrew Schwarz – Indiegogo
  2. The Closer We Get – Indiegogo
  3. Whole – Indiegogo
  4. King Of Oneiros – Indiegogo
  5. Writer’s Block – A high concept short movie – Indiegogo


SEPARATION: A Short Film By Andrew Schwarz

“Separation” is a piece I’ve written and worked on for several months now. It is a charming, yet starkly realistic story about a recently divorced family of three- a mother, father, and their 8 year-old daughter. Each character must cope with their new life in varying ways.

The girl, however, reaches out to her imagination. Her dolls come to life as real people, guiding her and providing her with the hope that her parents cannot; unless her father takes the initiative to change custody of her in his favor- a grueling process. Perhaps he will begin to see the world as his daughter does…this may be the only way he can believe it possible to win her back!

Separation is manned by Andrew Schwarz – a writer, director, cinematographer, composer, editor, and sound mixer pursuing music and film production degrees at Hofstra University.

Check out his thesis preview:

The Closer We Get

A bittersweet documentary following the extraordinary story of an ordinary Scottish family- facing up to home truths & coming to terms with how stroke has changed them.

“How many of us put off breaking family taboos till it’s too late?
What are we afraid of?

I decided to go under the skin of my family story after my Mum Ann’s devastating stroke brought me back home to her after a long time away.
I wasn’t the only one who returned: My prodigal father Ian – separated from Ann for years  – also turned up (everyone was amazed, but it’s not our family way to say so, of course….) and little by little, we both became part of Mum’s caring routine.
Suddenly, and for the first time ever, we all had a lot of time to hang out and talk about what had happened to their marriage and to our family, because of the secret Ian had tried –  and failed –  to keep from us.
Always the family portraitist, I didn’t waste any time in getting my camera out. I could feel something astonishing was happening, and I wanted to capture it on film.
And this was when things started to transform between us.”

Karen Guthrie (Director)


A short mystery horror about a man’s acceptance of loss in a cruel and uncertain time.

At it’s core, Whole follows the tale of a shady nameless man preparing to say goodbye to his dying wife in a post apocalyptic zombie setting. It’s about a long romance between lovers, torn apart by a horrific event that has changed the face of everything and explores the conflicting sensations of giving up and surviving every single day.

Now some of you might be wondering oh great another gore fest zombie flick (not that there is anything wrong with those movies), but this film simply uses the zombie genre as a major plot device, hence why it isn’t advertised as the main genre.

Whole aims to toy with the human emotion of sorrow, fear and resentment only to completely alter the audience’s notion of the story and its protagonist. A final farewell to a loved one is a cruel situation to endure, regardless of the circumstances and that’s what we really aim to show by the end of the story. The Undead premise acts as a key turning point to completely skew your perspective. It’s a twist if you will, kept secret until the point of a fearsome and shocking realisation. And of course it can’t be a horror without something horrific.

We intend to frighten!


King Of Oneiros


A man reconnects with his lost love after her tragic death only to find himself in a Lucid Dream where he commands his own universe.

King Of Oneiros, tells the story of a man who loses his love to tragedy, but then reconnects with her in a lucid dream. The result is a visually stunning expression of a dreamworld far removed from our own…

Araihc started his early life connected with Chiara, an amazing girl who seemed to mirror him until she passed away in a tragic accident. Fueled with great regret, Araihc longs to find closure in saying his peace to her. He descends into his dreams to spend one last day with her, assuming that he would wake up shortly after. However, Araihc does not awaken. Being told that he has died, he is brought to those that act as the gods of all existence who tempt him with power over the stars at the cost of his hearts desire. Araihc is thrust into a world that tests his core and allows him to remember who he is and find Enlightenment as a Lucid Dreamer. He finds wholeness that the love he lost never dies and that it is held within.

This film is completed and is being spread from festival to festival! Share the word!


Writer’s Block

How can he write what he knows – if he doesn’t know how to kill? Help fund the next phase of our multi-genre crime/horror/sci-fi/thriller, “Writer’s Block”!

“Writer’s Block” begins with an insane serial killer menacing a kidnapped dancer, and then gets weirder and more ambitious from there. 

A multi-genre homage to movies, the film takes in horror, romance, sc-fi, drama and some seriously short hotpants. Anyone who loves cinema will love “Writer’s Block”.

The first three minutes of the short have been filmed, and we are using this to raise funds for the completion of the whole piece. The aim is to raise enough to provide money for cast, crew, sets, locations and camera hire.


Send us your recommendations for our next Indie Film and Filmmaker feature!!

By G+ Author: Dan Mullins.



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