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March 19, 2018 2:34 pm

Featured Indie Films and Filmmakers for March 2014!



At Film Forecaster, we believe in supporting filmmakers and films from all over the world – at any level. Getting the word out is our little way of saying thank you to amazing artists and entertainers, but also to make the world a little more interesting for those looking for a good story!

These are our five picks for this month:

  1. American Futbol
  2. A Cowboy’s Creed
  3. STEM
  4. Prism
  5. Hashtag Cold


American Futbol: An Uncensored Journey to the World Cup

A documentary exploring Latin American soccer culture through an expedition from the U.S. to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

This is a lengthy travel documentary about a group of people on their way to the 2014 Futbol World Cup! Through the authentic perspectives of fans, players, officials, and journalists, they’re on a mission to tell a range of stories. The indiegogo offers a lot of contributor perks and hopes that people can help them make an impact.

Route. We will start in Los Angeles, cross the border from San Diego into Tijuana, fly to Mexico City, jump to San José, Costa Rica, and arrive in South American via Cartagena, Colombia. We’ll then take a trip up the coast to Santa Marta, bus/drive down to BogotáCali, then into Quito, Ecuador. From there, we head to Guayaquil, then to Santiago, Chile. We’ll cross the Andes into Argentina on the way to Buenos Aires, stop for a glass of holy water in Messi’s hometown of Rosario, before entering Uruguay via Salto and finally Montevideo. From there, it’s Joga Bonito time in Brazil, where we’ll set up camp in Rio de Janeiro. With enough funding, we plan to make trips to Manaus & Recife for USA matches, as well as São Paulo.

Every World Cup, people from all over the world come together to celebrate the host country’s social and sporting culture. Brazil, home to perhaps the most vibrant soccer culture in the world, will be no exception. But this is more than Brazil’s tournament. It’s the Americas’ too.

This will be the first World Cup in the Americas in 20 years, and the last for at least the next 12. Undoubtedly, there is no better time to explore and celebrate Latin America’s rich soccer culture and it’s continual impact on society and sport in the United States.

By contributing to this project, you are helping us build a cultural bridge through soccer. We believe by exploring exactly where Latin American fan culture comes from we can better understand the makeup of our multicultural roots, and where the future of soccer in this country is headed.


Check out the poster map!


A Cowboy’s Creed – the documentary

Follow Creed Garnick from his home in Wyoming, to the concrete jungles of Manhattan to a rodeo in Kyrgyzstan- as he searches to find his path in the New West. A Cowboy’s Creed explores the meaning of ethics, the gratitude found in travel and the love only found at home.

This looks to be a beautiful documentary about ambitions, family, responsibility, and change. Creed Garnick, a true American cowboy, shows us that life changes and develops in ways we may not expect! This film portrays cowboys in the “right” light. It is about ambassadorship- to the land and to other people. Throughout the making of this film, Creed and our crew have met some of the most inspirational people who are working hard to keep their own legacy alive!

Title sequence:

You may also see a lo-res version of the 30 minute film at:

This film was over 15 years in the making!



STEM is an independent film about love and science. STEM is a biopunk drama dealing with restlessness, neglected love and plants that glow in the dark.


Short Synopsis: A young couple live on the 16th floor of a tower block in London. Jim is a biohacker, a self taught scientist obsessively trying to create plants that glow in the dark. As this passion takes over his life, and the apartment, his girlfriend becomes increasingly alienated. One day, while Jim is sleeping, one of his plants glows bright. However it is his girlfriend, not Jim, that witnesses this wonder. And it is her intervention that brings it to the world.

Biohacking is the new hacking

STEM takes a look at the phenomenon of biohacking and the new r/evolutionary future that it can lead to. Biohacking is happening from bedrooms, basements and home made labs around the globe, and many of these self-taught scientists are young people. Today all that’s needed to construct genes from scratch is a laptop, easily available gene sequence information and mail order synthetic DNA.

We wanted to film a story in a tower block that was about something other than drugs and gangs. A story about a couple that seem detached from a city that sprawls out below. A story about what happens when an all absorbing passion displaces love.
A story that spreads a little magic out into the world.


Prism – Anthology

A group of six filmmakers come together to create their first feature length anthology film; exploring the irrationality of love in human nature. Everyone involved in this project has had much experience working in independent film, commercials and music videos. But making a feature film is something that can be a challenge early in ones career, which is why this is an amazing opportunity to bring their talents together and showcase their work.


PRISM is an anthology feature comprised of nine stories by six directors. The only connection these stories have to one another, is the overall theme which is the irrationality of love and how it drives us to behave in extreme ways. As the film progresses, the audience will be brought on a journey through many segments that individually explore the theme. Each story, running between 5 and 15 minutes, will encompass different genres – comedy, dark-comedy, noire, drama, science-fiction and suspense.

Although the stories will differ in every way, look, feel, tone, time, and space, they will flow from one to the next through seamless transitions.



Hashtag Cold

We are creating a film set in Toronto about #loneliness, #connection, and the #internet…and it’s short, because that’s all our attention spans can handle.

#cold is a short film about a young man, Mo, who working in a car dealership and sends a tweet out into the universe: i think this is it #killingmyself. Not too long after, a young gal, Emily, shows up looking to buy a car.

the film explores #loneliness, #internet, and #connection. When we send a prayer out to the Twitterverse, does anyone hear us?

This film comments on the impact of social media on our lives, not just the main characters.




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