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June 17, 2018 5:55 pm

Featured Film Festival: Philadelphia Independent Film Festival


This past summer, from June 26th to June 30th, the sixth annual Philadelphia Independent Film Festival was held! There were just under 80 officially selected films being featured at PIFF this summer. This is also the first time that independent films local to the Philadelphia area were selected for screening.

Taking over sections of the city, PIFF had screenings at the Franklin Institute, the National Constitution Center, the Bryn Mawr Film Institute, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. The National Constitution Center served for the second year as one of the host venues of the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. This year’s film selections ranged from drama to documentary, traveling to North Korea, Gaza, Stalin’s Russia, and the human trafficking war in Alabama.


The 2013 Official Winners of the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

Best Feature:

Wet Behind the Ears. Director Sloan Copeland

1.   HM – Little Red. Director Tate Bunker

2.   HM – Black Tulip. Director Sonia Nassery Cole


Best Local Feature:

Surviving Family. Director Laura Thies


Best Documentary Feature:

Foreign: Fortress. Director Lukas Kokes (CzechRepublic)


US: Duane Michaels: The Man who invented himself. Director Camille Guichard

1.   HM – The Story Man. Director Erik Hudson

2.   HM – Clark: A Gonzomentry. Director Daniel Warwick


Best Documentary Short:

Not anymore: Story of Revolution. Director Mathew VanDyke (US)


Best First Time Filmmaker:

Stephen Dest (My Brother Jack) (US)


Best Short:

Studies in Space. Director Tate Bunker

1.   HM – Seed Story. Director William D. Caballero


Best Local Short:

Destined. Director Michael Giletto

1.   HM – Guests of a Nation. Director Daniel Speers


Best Foreign Feature:

Tu Seras Un Homme (France). Director Benoit Cohen


Best Foreign Short:

Aquel No Era Yo. Director Esteban Crespo (Spain)

1.   HM – Zombi. Director David Moreno (Spain)

2.   HM – Regret of Doubt. Director Rafael Nani (Brazil)


Best Horror Short:

Horizonte. Director. Aitor Uribarri (Spain)

1.   HM – Do you believe in the Devil? Director Alex Grybauskas


Best Animation:

Animation Hotline. Director Dustin Grella

1.   HM – Mechanical Cow. Director Carla Young


Best Music Video:
Bite Horse. Director Sam Walker (UK)



PIFF’s mission is to the point:

The Philadelphia Independent Film Festival was founded to enable an environment for its participants to encourage, engage and network in the ever broadening diverse local and international film and business community. We are committed to discovering and showcasing a unique cinematic experience unrestrained by conventional boundaries.

Just this past April, in the coming months for their annual festival, PIFF launched their new site at

Also, check out their notable list of past winners!’


Want to get in touch with PIFF? Want to clear your schedule for the 7th annual PIFF next summer?

Check out the details below!

2013 Philly Inde Film Fest

Mailing Address:
Philadelphia Independent Film Festival
2002 Ludlow Street
Philadelphia, Pa 19103

Box Office:
Philadelphia Independent Film Festival
725 North 4th St.
Philadelphia, Pa 19103






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