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March 24, 2018 1:44 pm

Father Son Movies Series: 2 of 3

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Finding Nemo, a classic father-son tale, illustrates a story of a clownfish named Marlin who scouts the entire sea in search for his lost son, Nemo. The appearance of a barracuda causes a huge ruckus, in which Marlin loses his wife and almost all of their eggs. The only survivor of the bunch is Nemo, thus Marlin is very attached to him and vows to protect him from the vast horrors of the ocean. As a painfully overprotective dad, Marlin forbids Nemo to swim outside of the reef that they live in.

On the way to Nemo’s first day of school, he asks his father how long sea turtle’s live, but Marlin fails to provide a response. Marlin’s anxiety transcends the norm when he discovers that the class is going to a field trip by the drop off. When Nemo encounters a few peers, they all decide to ditch the field trip and dare each other to swim out into the open water. A furious Marlin scolds Nemo for disobeying him, but Nemo desires nothing more than to fit in with his peers and break free from his father’s fearful demeanor.

father son movies

As Nemo swims towards a large boat, Marlin is unable to rescue his son. In the midst of the chaotic episode, a diver captures Nemo in a bag before he can swim back to his peers. Somehow Nemo ends up in a water cooler, which separates the dynamic duo and causes an extreme battle between little fish and a dangerous sea.

Although Marlin is not the most fearless and adventurous fish out there, the sudden disappearance of his beloved son encourages him to venture a voyage in the sea. Meanwhile, Nemo is almost convinced that his father is not brave enough to search for him. During Marlin’s quest, he meets a forgetful blue fish named Dory and the two survive a terrifying encounter with a shark. They ask everyone along the way if they had seen Nemo, and when Marlin meets a sea turtle, he learns that they live for about 150 years.

In the meantime, Nemo faces horrors of his own as he ends up in a fishtank in a dentist’s office. Annoyed with Dory’s forgetfulness, Marlin separates himself from her. Dory, however, finds Nemo as he managed to escape from the fishtank with the help of his new friends.

Dory and Nemo spot Marlin and discuss their crazy journeys. Marlin informs Nemo that sea turtles live for 150 years and the two bond about Marlin’s bravery in his search for his son. After the bizarre experience, Marlin becomes a little more easygoing, resulting in a significant improvement in his relationship with Nemo. Evidently, Nemo is very impressed and appreciative of his father’s bravery and the two finally understand each other.

Stay tuned for number 3 in our series of father son movies!

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