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March 19, 2018 2:32 pm

Famous Animated Movie Characters


In a culture obsessed with entertainment, what kind of shows you like may very well define what kind of a person you are. People who, like me, prefer the obviously ridiculous, yet interestingly presented plots and phenomena of science fiction shows are deemed ‘nerds’ as if it’s a bad thing. Most people don’t want to be associated with that label so even if they find it interesting, they wouldn’t watch, or share the fact, that they’ve watched all of the seasons of ‘Doctor Who’, including the specials. No, in certain fields, it’s better to be associated with the baseball or football scores from last night, as if the fact that your favorite team won or lost has anything to do with your personal success or lack there of.

However, whether we like sports or sci-fi, action or drama, we all seem to enjoy the occasional animation. Children and adults, alike, would watch and laugh at the latest adventures of their favorite animated heroes, and at least for a little while, all those barriers between us would fall. That’s the power of animation and here are some of its most famous agents.



Po (Kung Fu Panda)

When Kung Fu Panda came out in 2008, I was really skeptical about how good the movie would be. The idea of a panda becoming a kung-fu master (no discrimination intended) seemed ridiculous to me. Pandas are big and slow. I mean, if you know anything about pandas, you would know that they can barely move because they’re carnivores on a bamboo diet so they have to conserve energy. And then one becomes a kung-fu master over a tiger? Get our of here! But when I actually watched the movie, it was so entertaining – the plot was brilliant, the characters were well-depicted, the voice acting (I love Jack Black as the choice of Po) was stellar. I liked the movie so much, I watched it again in the cinema, and then bought the DVD when it came out. And Po become one of my favorite animated heroes.



Aladdin (Aladdin)

This classic hero needs no presentation (well, technically, none of the heroes featured on this list do, but then my article would be really short, so I will present them anyway). One of the most unforgettable stories ever told by Disney, it was actually the character of Aladdin who taught me, when I was young, that sometimes more joy comes from being altruistic, and even though you may have only one wish left, it would be better to set someone free, than to turn yourself into a prince. Yet another Shakespearian theme told in a typical Disney manner (with magic lamps and flying carpets), I doubt there is anyone who doesn’t recognize Aladdin’s face.



Simba (The Lion King)

Keeping up with the Shakespearian themes, here is a Disney production obviously heavy inspired by Hamlet (although sadly, on a very crude level). I don’t know anyone whose heart didn’t break when (SPOILERS!!!) Scar killed Mufasa (thanks for the psychological trauma, Disney – I’m still not over it!). But the truly memorable moments were those where Simba transitioned from this spoiled little prince, to a laid-back, ‘Hakuna matata’ – screaming teenager, to finally growing up and accepting his responsibility as the king! But as famous as Simba may be, there is one who is even more iconic…



Bugs Bunny (The Looney Tunes, Space Jam and many others)

Tell me you don’t know who Bugs Bunny is, and I will ask you what planet you come from… Obviously one where you have no humor. Possibly one of the funniest and most iconic animated heroes ever, Bugs Bunny is almost as old as modern animation, itself. His absurdities and appearances in various forms of media have entertained more than 7 generations of children. We all fondly remember the time in our lives when what we were watching on the screen somehow made sense. Well, those are some of the most famous animated movie characters – from modern cinema to the late 30s, these are the best of the best.

Author Bio: Paula Sheamus is passionate freelance blogger keen on topics about entertainment and movies.