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March 24, 2018 1:33 pm

The Coolest Movie Theaters in NYC

coolest movie theaters in NYC

With the impending summer months, chilling out and enjoying a movie at the theater is one of the best things you can do to beat the heat – especially in New York City. From modern to antiquated, NYC boasts tons of awesome movie theaters just waiting for you to come and explore. Check out this list of the coolest movie theaters in NYC and start checking some off your summertime bucket list!


With a name this awesome, Nitehawk had to be on our list of the coolest movie theaters in NYC. Sitting pretty in notoriously artsy Brooklyn, Nitehawk shows a variety of indie and foreign films. What sets Nitehawk apart from your average NYC theater is that it serves food. Yes, real, actual, delicious food. In fact, the food at Nitehawk is so incredible that it will sometimes correspond to the theme of the screened movie. The chairs are specially designed to feature miniature tables, just big enough for your drink and plate. This is truly one of the coolest movie theaters in NYC – heck, in the country!

The Metrograph

The Metrograph, housed on Ludlow Street, seeks to bring back the feeling of the old, decorated movie houses of NYC while still bringing modern films and ideas to New Yorkers. What makes The Metrograph one of the coolest movie theaters in NYC, however, is that it is so much more than just a theater. This movie house features a restaurant – the Commissary – , a balcony for lounging and chatting, a bookstore, and a candy shop. The Metrograph takes things a step further, too, by often featuring dramatic readings, talks, dinners, and book signings. Make it a priority to check it out ASAP!

Sunshine Cinema

Located on the Lower East Side, Sunshine Cinema was built for insomniacs. Sunshine Cinema is gaining notoriety for its special midnight screenings of independent, cult classic, and modern films. Similar to other films on our list of the coolest movie theaters in NYC, Sunshine Cinema also features guest speakers, lectures by filmmakers and authors, and special screenings. It is often said that the crowds who attend some of the midnight screenings of cult classics have the lines memorized to most of the films… make sure you study up before heading over!

AMC Loews – Lincoln Square

Alright, we know, why is an AMC Loews on the list of the coolest movie theaters in NYC?! This one makes our list because it features the most awesome, most fantastic IMAX in the country. In fact, this was the first movie theater in the country to have an IMAX multiplex installed, way back in 1994. The theater is more like a coliseum with its 600 plush seats and gigantic 3D screen. For the ultimate movie-going experience, be sure to pop into AMC Loews and you will be dazzled.

Film Forum

Film Forum, which calls West Houston Street home, is the only autonomous non-profit movie theater in all of New York City. That alone makes it one of the coolest movie theaters in NYC by our book. Film Forum is also historic, and its roots date back to 1970 when it began as an “alternative screening space for independent films,” according to its website. Despite tickets being as much as $14 a pop, each time you go enjoy a thought-provoking movie here, you do indeed help support and promote indie films and filmmakers.

Have you been to your own version of the coolest movie theaters in NYC? We are always looking to hear from our readers! Give us a shoutout in the comments!

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