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June 23, 2018 6:32 am

Up and Coming Film Stars

To many varying extents, we all want to be ahead of the newest upcoming trends. We want to be informed, whether it’s to keep up with small talk at work or to engage in in-depth conversations with friends over the next big box office hit. Film actors and actresses occupy a substantial portion of these conversations. Whether we want to be them (ahem, Jennifer Lawrence), be their best friend (…still Jennifer Lawrence), or even watch them crash and burn (Anne Hathaway), we can’t seem to look away. So for the sake of keeping up with these shallow, yet so important conversations, here’s a few predictions of the next big up and coming film stars:


We’ve all heard the hit single “Love Myself.” Maybe you subtly turn it up when it comes on the radio or maybe you shamelessly blast it while you get psyched to go out. Chances are you’ve debated the not-so-hidden-meaning over drinks with friends: Hailee Steinfeld is a name we’re becoming increasingly familiar with. This 18-year-old powerhouse grabbed all of our attention in her role as Emily in Pitch Perfect 2. She even earned a spot in Taylor Swift’s #squad in the Bad Blood music video. Up next she has starring roles in Term Life, The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, and the ever-awaited Pitch Perfect 3. She may be young, but Hailee Steinfeld is not going anywhere.



Just in time for Halloween season, Goosebumps opens October 16. The young adult horror film series is hitting the big screen for those nostalgic twenty-somethings who may have also read the books (of which 400 million sold worldwide). Also 18 years old, Dylan Minnette plays a leading role in this adaptation of Goosebumps as Zach Cooper. Perhaps best known for his role in the TV series Awake, many Scandal fans such as myself will also recognize him as Fitz’s son, Jerry Grant Jr. Minnette also plays Alex in the upcoming thriller A Man in the Dark. Will he become a household name or will we forever remember him as — spoiler alert — Fitz’s murdered son?


Similarly to Goosebumps, Ghostbusters hopes to tap into the nostalgia of an older generation. Hitting the big screen in July 2016, SNL writer Neil Casey will play the villain in this film reboot. Filming alongside more well known comedy names such as Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, Casey has written for Inside Amy Schumer and The Kroll Show. Reactions to this casting decision have varied: some feel he reached his peak writing for SNL and others excitedly anticipate what he will bring to the table. Stay tuned for Neil Casey’s potential big break in Ghostbusters.



Straight Outta Compton introduced a cast of unknown talent. Personally, sometimes I prefer a cast of faces I don’t recognize. It removes the “That’s not Michael Cera, that’s just Paulie Bleeker” effect. One of these faces from Straight Outta Compton was Jason Mitchell. Mitchell plays rapper Eazy-E, and he has received an overwhelmingly positive response for his performance. He said about the experience of filming the summer blockbuster: “I feel like I hit the life lottery.” Keep an eye on Jason Mitchell; he’s also set to play alongside Samuel L. Jackson in the next installment of King Kong, hitting theaters 2017.


Last but certainly not least; Tessa Thompson has been gracing our screens more and more in recent years. Thompson is an important one because her roles generally lean toward films that deal with racial issues, a topic on which much of our younger generation has chosen to zoom in. Her roles in Selma and For Colored Girls were well received and set the stage for her starring role in the recent film Dear White People. I highly recommend this one to anyone even remotely interested in the current state of racial inequality in the United States, especially on college campuses. Her role as Sam White communicates a strong call to action for all young people in terms of the path towards racial justice. I have high hopes for Tessa Thompson’s future not only in the world of film, but also in the one of activism.


There you have it, folks – a brief preview of some of today’s up and coming stars. Have any strong agreements or disagreements? Let us know below in the comments.


Abby Maxwell

Observer and writer of movies, trends, and millennials.