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July 19, 2018 7:51 am

Animated Shorts that need your attention!


In a world run by Pixar and Dreamworks, it’s easy to gloss over the new and amazing animated shorts by students and independent artists around the world! Everyone started somewhere, and we are pumped to share all of this great talent. These are our top 3 favorite animated shorts right now.   Deathigner by Students […]

Funny & Bizarre Celebrity Middle Names

Blake Lively

You may think you know your favorite actors and actresses in and out, but do you know what’s in-between their famous first and last names? Check out these ten funny and surprising middle names.   Hugh John Mungo Grant British actor Hugh Grant thankfully has two middle names. Without John, his name would sound like […]

The Greatest Movie Viral Campaigns

The Greatest Movie Viral Campaigns

Producing a movie is one thing; marketing is another. But there are creative marketing geniuses who have employed some unimaginable tactics to produce amazing results with their movie campaigns. Here are the top 5 movie viral campaigns of all time: Toy Story 3   Toy Story 3 sold some $1 billion advanced tickets. Prior to […]

Jonah Hill’s Sincere Apology For Gay Slur


There has been a lot of controversy lately around actor Jonah Hill and the homophobic slur he said.  When he got annoyed by a paparazzo, he  lost it and used very inappropriate words which the media didn’t just let go by (and they’re right!). Luckily, the actor recognized his unacceptable behavior and made a sincere […]

Same Sex Love: Filipino movie “unFRIEND” highlights the dangerous power of social media in influencing same sex love

Filipino movie "unFRIEND"

‘Social Media has reduced us to mere performers and imitators.” This is the message being passed across by the Filipino movie “unFRIEND” as it highlights the dangers of social media in terms of influencing fragile minds. Director Joselito Altarejos introduces viewers to a world of social media menace by taking them on a journey with […]

Only God Forgives: Red Band Trailer

Only God Forgives: Red Band Trailer Check out the original source here.