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April 20, 2018 12:24 pm

Most Popular Holiday Movies: Through the Decades


Christmas movies are an excellent way for families to bond during the festive season. Movies are also a great way to immerse yourself into the festivities and with a selection of options accessible for you to pick from; you’ll be spoilt for choice. For children, getting bundled up with mom, dad and siblings is not […]

Top 5 Uplifting Documentaries


Documentaries have never failed to make an impact on the viewer. Why? Because they speak and talk in ways that you can directly relate to. There are a bunch of uplifting documentaries that I have seen and enjoyed and therefore, today, I will be listing the top 5 of them for our readers. Stranded Stranded […]

Movies About Veterans: Lessons of War and Life

movies about veterans

A veteran is a person who has a long service and an experience of a given field. Military veterans, on the other hand, are individuals who have served in the armed forces. A lot of movies have focused on veterans in the past. These movies showcase how they work, their emotions and what their lives are actually […]

Movies like Shutter Island on Netflix

movies like Shutter Island on Netflix

We could all use a little thrill now and again. It’s good for us – gets the blood flowing, the adrenaline pumping, the eyes widening… You get the point. Thrillers are a staple of any movie-going experience – you have to try them at least once. However, it takes a special art to craft a […]

Father Son Movies Series: 3 of 3

father son movies

Big Fish, a Tim Burton classic, depicts a tale of a charismatic storyteller who often fabricates the truth for the sake of an amusing narrative. The teller of farfetched stories, Edward Bloom, humiliates his son, William, on his wedding day by sharing a fictitious story about the day Will was born. Evidently, Will is not […]

Father Son Movies Series: 2 of 3

fatherson3 2

Finding Nemo, a classic father-son tale, illustrates a story of a clownfish named Marlin who scouts the entire sea in search for his lost son, Nemo. The appearance of a barracuda causes a huge ruckus, in which Marlin loses his wife and almost all of their eggs. The only survivor of the bunch is Nemo, […]

Father Son Movies Series: 1 of 3

father son movies

A 1999 Adam Sandler film, truly captures an unconventional father-son bond when five-year-old Julian is abandoned in Sonny’s apartment. While Sonny is not Julian’s biological father, his rather bizarre and loving parenting skills have created an authentic kinship between the two. Although Sonny’s initial motive is to impress his girlfriend, and he is generally described […]

Movies About Rape: Filming the Taboo

movies about rape- the color purple

Movies have the power to tell a million stories, and some of these stories are more troubling than others. Movies about rape reflect on the unspoken, often taboo, hardships of sexual abuse. This sensitive subject is often misconstrued in media, but these movies bring out truths through impactful storytelling and one-of-a-kind voices. From drama to documentaries, these […]

4 Movies like Speak

movies like speak

  Sometimes, a single unpleasant incident can make the life of any person so difficult that coming out of it may seem to be entirely impossible. If you remember Melinda from the movie Speak (2004), you will remember that how an ordinary school party changed her life forever. Raped by a senior, her confidence was […]

Top 10 Feel Good Movies by Genre

feel good movies

Feel good movies make everyone feel better by uplifting the soul when we feel down casted. There are several movies that can be categorized as feel good movies. There are comic movies made to tickle your bone, light up your mood, and give you a nice time out. There are chick flicks that can be […]