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March 24, 2017 11:51 am

Funny Summer Movies

funny summer movies

Summer is the perfect time to relax, let go, and get in a few laughs. Catching up on great movies is a staple of summer, especially on those hot, humid days after work! Check out our list of funny summer movies to put you in the summer lovin’ spirit. 50 First Dates (2004) Lucy (Drew […]

21 Best Girls Night In Movies for Every Kind of Friendship

best girls' night in movies

While hitting the town, tearing up the streets, and doing your makeup can make for a very memorable night out with your best girlfriends, every girl knows that nothing can rival a girls’ night in. Staying in for the night can provide some much needed de-stressing as well as key bonding time for you and […]

Funny Movie Translations in Different Countries

movie translations

The title of a movie can be the decision-making factor as to whether or not you choose to spend time and money on viewing the film. Movie titles are arguably one of the most important aspects of a movie: they need to be descriptive, but not give anything away: informational, but not dry. The list […]

5 Most Popular Filming Locations that You Must Visit

Featured Image

If you are a fond of watching movies, be it action, drama, or other genre, there is no better thrill that visiting the actual filming location of your favorite films. Other than the excitement, thrill, and realism these locations add, they really can make or break a movie. Location scouting and on-site filming has always […]

8 Best Foreign Films of All Time

best foreign movies

The best foreign films are often thought of as boring or slow-paced because of the unique way they are commonly presented. They are not the common movies full of action or romance and all that. Many of these foreign films tackles inspiring, eye-opening themes and offer amazing views all over the world. Of course, before […]

10 Best Movies Directed by Female Film Directors

female film directors

Even though almost half of film graduates are women, it has always been a prevalent problem that most of them do not work on the major players in the film industry. There just seems to be common prejudice and hardships that all female film directors in the industry have to endure because of their gender. But there […]

Greatest Superhero Movies

greatest superhero movies

We could all use a hero in our lives. Someone to pick us up when we are down, to save us from bad guys, to be our dream date… the list goes on and on. Although few of us can say we have a true superhero in our lives (if there’s one thing The Incredibles […]

Best Movies for Couples

best movies for couples

The classic Valentine’s Day argument is just around the corner: what movie can you both agree on and not suffer? For guys, action is generally preferable to the typical romantic comedies (frequently referred to as rom coms) that women tend to lean toward. These picks are sure to satisfy both members of your relationship without […]

Latest Romantic Movies for Valentine’s Day

latest romantic movies

Looking to keep you, your friends, or your partner laughing and in good spirits this Valentine’s Day? With plenty of newly released romantic comedies, search no further than these lighthearted, latest romantic movies for your Valentine’s Day celebration. Trainwreck Trainwreck, which was released this past summer, stars female powerhouse Amy Schumer and Saturday Night Live […]

Indie Film Distributing Tips

Indie Film distributing

Thanks to an abundance of creative minds and easily accessible technology, becoming an independent (indie) filmmaker is now easier than ever. However, with so many up and coming indie filmmakers, it can often seem daunting to distribute or market an independent film to the greater population. All is not lost, as these three tips for […]