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May 26, 2018 7:10 pm

20 Low Budget Movies that Became Massive Blockbusters

20 Low Budget Movies that Became Massive Blockbusters

In an age of movies where $100 million dollar budgets are the norm, we take a look at 20 low budget movies that made an absolute fortune at the box office. It’s refreshing to see that low budget movies can still be massive blockbusters at the movie theater, with quite a few films making bank […]

Powerful Female Main Characters from Recent Movies

female main characters

In the last few years, women have made a big splash in the cinema world. Once portrayed as helpless damsels in distress, women have stepped up and made it known that they are much more than that, in both movies and life. The year 2015 was a special landmark for female main characters as actresses […]

Marvel vs. DC: Box Office Results

box office

Everyone loves a good movie, especially around the holidays when the weather can be cold and the workplace can be tense. Movies have always provided viewers with a way to temporarily slip into another world and experience adventures greater than they ever could have imagined. Two movie organizations have dominated the box office for more […]

2016 Oscar Predictions: Best Picture

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Every year production companies churn out potential Academy Award nominees and this year seems to be a phenomenal year in film. The Academy can have anywhere from five to ten nominees for best picture, so I have round up the the top five Oscar predictions that I think have a chance of bringing home the […]

Pitch Perfect 2’s Missed Notes


Pitch Perfect 2 falls into the trap of failed sequels. While the story picks up for Beca’s (Anna Kendrick) senior year, the Barden Bellas find themselves trying to fix their reputation after an unflattering performance video goes viral again. Once more, characters struggle with rivals, teamwork, and love interests. But whereas Pitch Perfect captured a […]

Great Books That Made Bad Movies

Great Books That Made Bad Movies

There are many great books that made great movies; there are bad books that made great movies; there are bad books that made bad movies. But there are also curious cases of great books that made bad movies. As expected, Hollywood directors cannot just seem to leave great books alone. They are always striving to […]

Declining Movie Ticket Sales: What could be the cause?

Despite the seeming growth in investment in the movie industry and the billion-dollar summer releases such as the “The Dark Knight Rises” and the “Avengers”, it is now official that the Movie tickets are down by a mile. According to the report by the Motion Picture Association of America, the movie attendance numbers reduced from […]

Kicking Butt at the Box Office: The SpongeBob Movie!

Over the weekend, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water has earned over $55 Million domestic! Not bad for an opening weekend for a TV adaptation. This little yellow sponge and his friends have pushed out contentors – including: Jupiter Ascending, Seventh Son, and the previously hot American Sniper. And mind you, this movie isn’t just for […]

Guardians Of the Galaxy Set To Smash Records With Opening Weekend Ticket Sales


While I have heard quite a bit of hype regarding the release of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, I have not yet had the opportunity to go see it myself. In fact, I would be had pressed to tell you any specific details about the movie, given that this is one of those films I […]

The Conjuring 2 is set to be released in October 2015

Conjuring 2 to be released in 2015

Warner Bros. have just completed handing out the release dates for Inherent, Entourage, Vice and The Intern. It has also issued the new dates for the upcoming Conjuring 2 (October 23, 2015). Other films whose release dates have been announced include How to be single (Feb 12, 2016), Mean Moms (May 8, 2015) Annabelle (October […]