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October 19, 2018 1:18 am

Black Earth Film Festival: It has come a Long Way!

Black Earth Film Festival

The Black Earth Film Festival was founded 10 years ago to develop and enrich the community of Galesburg, Western Illinois and Knox County with new films. The aim of the festival is to bring the finest independent films to the community at large and promote visual arts talent among the residents.

The Black Earth Film Festival, in conjunction with Without A Box, have managed to bring together various filmmakers from around the globe and bring their talents, art and visions to the people in Galesburg. The festival is always on the look for volunteers and committee members. If you are interested, you can always visit their website and submit a form.

Black Earth celebrated its 10th anniversary on Feb 2014 and recognizes the tremendous support it has received from the community. And the only way it can grow further is with the help of the community.

If you have a film, whether it is an animation, a short film, documentary or any other films, you are free to enter it online through This is the most preferred method because it provides cost saving and paperless submissions.

The online submission feature of is in the form of one master entry form, press kits, fee payments and the option to use secure screeners. This is a better option than the traditional hard-copy DVD submissions, which are not only expensive, but also susceptible to loss and damage. offers quick entry and extended submission deadlines. Filmmakers should take advantage of this and submit their films through these quick, cost-effective and powerful submission management tools. This is an opportunity for filmmakers to stay in the international limelight.

This year’s winners include the following:

  1. Best Animation 2014-Cowpokes Living on the Edge
  2. Best Film 2014- Everything Went Down
  3. Best Short Film 2014- Wooing Wes Wilson
  4. Best Documentary 2014- I Never Said I Wasn’t Happy

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