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June 17, 2018 7:36 pm

Bill Murray Stars as a Careless Caretaker in St. Vincent


Bill Murray stars as an dive-bar visiting, horse race betting, prostitute hiring… babysitter. The Oscar nominated actor leads in the upcoming film St. Vincent, premiering October 24. Audiences are introduced to Vincent as an in-debt, retired veteran. When single mother, Melissa McCarthy, and her son Oliver, Jaeden Lieberher, move in next door- Vincent finds a way to make money and meaning in his life.

The unlikely caretaker teaches Oliver a range of things, for better or for worse, as he takes Oliver through his corrupt daily routine. The tough, careless adult contrasts Oliver’s precocious, bullied 12 year-old-boy. Audiences are undoubtedly going to fall in love with the odd duo, especially with such a strong supporting cast like Melissa McCarthy as Oliver’s mother, Chris O’Dowd as Oliver’s catholic school teacher, and Naomi Watt’s as the pregnant prostitute companion.

What is your favorite Bill Murray movie? Are you happy to see McCarthy act in a more serious role rather than her signature comedic performances?


Jacqueline Till

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