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July 20, 2018 9:18 pm

5 Most Popular Filming Locations that You Must Visit

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If you are a fond of watching movies, be it action, drama, or other genre, there is no better thrill that visiting the actual filming location of your favorite films. Other than the excitement, thrill, and realism these locations add, they really can make or break a movie. Location scouting and on-site filming has always […]

New Book to Movie Adaptations

new book to movie adaptations

“The book was better.” A sentence everyone has heard from a friend or family member arguing that a book outperformed its movie adaptation. But despite this popular opinion, readers still get excited about seeing their favorite novel transform into the big screen. People flood movie theaters to see characters and scenes come alive in a […]

New Indie Movies for 2015

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If you’re unfamiliar with indie films, it’s hard enough to know where to find good movies, let alone new ones. They lack the budgets for promotions that most blockbusters can afford, along with the pricey Hollywood stars. But there are some awesome new indie movies in the works, and we wanted to share a few […]

Battle for the worst movies on Netflix

Just as there are great movies in Netflix, there are a bunch of bad movies that you should avoid. It’s a battle to find the WORST movie – but there are a ton of contenders. At least it is not worth wasting time watching a bad movie when you can watch a great one. So […]

Ghetto Film School Teaches Movie Making Skills to Disadvantaged Youth

The Pioneers of Los Angele’s Ghetto filmmaking school will graduate this year, LA times reports. The Ghetto School of filmmaking is a project that gives youths from underprivileged background the chance to study the art of making films and explore careers in the television and movie industries. At least 30 teenagers have been learning about […]

Declining Movie Ticket Sales: What could be the cause?

Despite the seeming growth in investment in the movie industry and the billion-dollar summer releases such as the “The Dark Knight Rises” and the “Avengers”, it is now official that the Movie tickets are down by a mile. According to the report by the Motion Picture Association of America, the movie attendance numbers reduced from […]

What is Gone Girl About?

What is Gone Girl About

Gone Girl is a thriller Novel by Gillian Flynn, an American writer who has earned the acclaim of being one of the most critically acclaimed suspense writers of the modern times, according to Gillian Flynn website. This is a story about a marriage that has gone terribly sour. This is a masterpiece about the other […]

Lovable Heroes: My Picks For Top Movie Heroes and Why


A couple weeks back, I had the opportunity to present a list of some of my favorite horror movie monsters and why those in particular were my favs. When it comes to monsters, I like more than just the common chop-em-up villain. It takes a bit of panache to make it past the realms of […]

Criterion Collection: Top Movies Everyone Should See (Part 1)

It can be very challenging trying to find the best movies to watch. It turns out that Criterion Collections has some pretty interesting movies you should be watching. As of now, Criterion has so far released 664 titles since the invention of DVD, and many of those releases have been re-released as Blue-rays. So with […]

Ben Whishaw Replaces Colin Firth to Become the New Voice of Paddington

Ben Whishaw to become the new voice of Paddington

You expect children movies to run smoothly from production to release, but that hasn’t been the case with Paddington. According to the Daily Mail, producer David Heyman has confirmed that James Bond star Ben Whishaw is the new voice of Paddington Bear. But this hasn’t changed the release date a bit because the November 28th […]