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April 20, 2018 12:11 pm

Greatest Superhero Movies

greatest superhero movies

We could all use a hero in our lives. Someone to pick us up when we are down, to save us from bad guys, to be our dream date… the list goes on and on. Although few of us can say we have a true superhero in our lives (if there’s one thing The Incredibles […]

Best Movies for Couples

best movies for couples

The classic Valentine’s Day argument is just around the corner: what movie can you both agree on and not suffer? For guys, action is generally preferable to the typical romantic comedies (frequently referred to as rom coms) that women tend to lean toward. These picks are sure to satisfy both members of your relationship without […]

Latest Romantic Movies for Valentine’s Day

latest romantic movies

Looking to keep you, your friends, or your partner laughing and in good spirits this Valentine’s Day? With plenty of newly released romantic comedies, search no further than these lighthearted, latest romantic movies for your Valentine’s Day celebration. Trainwreck Trainwreck, which was released this past summer, stars female powerhouse Amy Schumer and Saturday Night Live […]

Marvel vs. DC: Box Office Results

box office

Everyone loves a good movie, especially around the holidays when the weather can be cold and the workplace can be tense. Movies have always provided viewers with a way to temporarily slip into another world and experience adventures greater than they ever could have imagined. Two movie organizations have dominated the box office for more […]

Indie Film Distributing Tips

Indie Film distributing

Thanks to an abundance of creative minds and easily accessible technology, becoming an independent (indie) filmmaker is now easier than ever. However, with so many up and coming indie filmmakers, it can often seem daunting to distribute or market an independent film to the greater population. All is not lost, as these three tips for […]