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June 17, 2018 7:41 pm

Best Will Ferrell Comedies of the 2000s


Nothing brings out laughter and smiles like a quality comedy film. One common factor in many of our favorite comedies, released in the past decade, is a single actor that manages to thrive in just about any role he is given. From a confused, adult, Christmas elf to a dazzling, male ice dancer, Will Ferrell […]

The Top 12 Greatest Superhero Movie Trailers Ever

The Top 12 Greatest Superhero Movie Trailers Ever

Almost every movie has at least one trailer, and like almost every movie, almost every trailer is quickly forgotten. The majority of trailers are just short previews of coming attractions, a collection of clips that explain the plot, show off a bit of the drama and/or action, and are followed by a list of stars and the title. Once […]

20 Low Budget Movies that Became Massive Blockbusters

20 Low Budget Movies that Became Massive Blockbusters

In an age of movies where $100 million dollar budgets are the norm, we take a look at 20 low budget movies that made an absolute fortune at the box office. It’s refreshing to see that low budget movies can still be massive blockbusters at the movie theater, with quite a few films making bank […]

Most Anticipated Animated Movies of 2017


Entertaining animated movies have been striking gold for the producers in Hollywood in the rest past. If not less, they are making as much money at the box office as the movies from other genres. They are popular with not only kids and teenagers but adults seem to be equally enjoying them. Following the tremendous […]

Movies About Teachers That Will Inspire You


We have come across all types of movies. While we often think of movies in genre, we can also categorizes movies by shared experiences. There have been many movies featuring inspiring teachers and mentors that made every audience a student. While there have been several movies in this regard, the top four fictional teachers we have chosen show a […]

Top 5 Uplifting Documentaries


Documentaries have never failed to make an impact on the viewer. Why? Because they speak and talk in ways that you can directly relate to. There are a bunch of uplifting documentaries that I have seen and enjoyed and therefore, today, I will be listing the top 5 of them for our readers. Stranded Stranded […]

Father Son Movies Series: 3 of 3

father son movies

Big Fish, a Tim Burton classic, depicts a tale of a charismatic storyteller who often fabricates the truth for the sake of an amusing narrative. The teller of farfetched stories, Edward Bloom, humiliates his son, William, on his wedding day by sharing a fictitious story about the day Will was born. Evidently, Will is not […]

Father Son Movies Series: 2 of 3

fatherson3 2

Finding Nemo, a classic father-son tale, illustrates a story of a clownfish named Marlin who scouts the entire sea in search for his lost son, Nemo. The appearance of a barracuda causes a huge ruckus, in which Marlin loses his wife and almost all of their eggs. The only survivor of the bunch is Nemo, […]

Father Son Movies Series: 1 of 3

father son movies

A 1999 Adam Sandler film, truly captures an unconventional father-son bond when five-year-old Julian is abandoned in Sonny’s apartment. While Sonny is not Julian’s biological father, his rather bizarre and loving parenting skills have created an authentic kinship between the two. Although Sonny’s initial motive is to impress his girlfriend, and he is generally described […]

Emotionally Moving Special Needs Movies

special needs movies

There are few things more inspiring than watching people overcome the barriers that many feel should hold them back. Not only do these characters have to overcome their own difficulties, but they also often have to overcome other people’s attitudes towards them. The following films represent how, despite the challenges that can come with having […]