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July 20, 2018 4:59 pm

8 Best Foreign Films of All Time

best foreign movies

The best foreign films are often thought of as boring or slow-paced because of the unique way they are commonly presented. They are not the common movies full of action or romance and all that. Many of these foreign films tackles inspiring, eye-opening themes and offer amazing views all over the world. Of course, before […]

The Problem with KickStarter Film Fest 2015

2014 film fest

While Kickstarter fans and filmmakers eagerly await the 2015 Kickstarter Film Fest, I have a problem with this year’s event. Although the Kickstarter Film Fest will keep some of its charm (hey, it’s still free), it will lose what made last year’s so great— the Kickstarter community feel. New York’s 2014 Kickstarter Film Fest took […]

Great Books That Made Bad Movies

Great Books That Made Bad Movies

There are many great books that made great movies; there are bad books that made great movies; there are bad books that made bad movies. But there are also curious cases of great books that made bad movies. As expected, Hollywood directors cannot just seem to leave great books alone. They are always striving to […]

Jupiter Ascending film has been postponed to Next Year

Jupiter Ascending postponed to Next Year

Warner Bros have delayed ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Film to Feb 2015. Although the producers have been working round the clock on the sci-fi epic, audiences will have to wait longer to get a look, reports the Hollywood Reporter. The film was initially slated to be released on July 18th this year and the reasons for the […]

Review: Thrills, Special Effects, Tragedy…The Amazing Spiderman 2 Has It All!


When it comes to movies, those that I enjoy usually fall into one of two categories. The first is the rarest, a movie that actually makes me think, or presents something that I have not seen before. A prime example of this would be my first viewing of The Matrix. While the idea of the […]

Well-Established Plot Turns “Transcendence” From Adequate To Enjoyable


When Transcendence was released on BluRay on the 22nd, I ran straight to my computer to watch it on Google Play. Granted, I had not had the opportunity to read much of what it was about. However, the prospect of a combination of Johnny Depp’s acting skill and a sci-fi feature dealing with artificial intelligence […]

Streaming Movies: Where Should You Go If You Want To See New Movies?


If you are like me, and the lion’s share of your time is spent in front of the computer, finding opportunities to get to the theater to see new movies can be a bit of a bear. As a result, virtually all of my movie-watching activities is done from the comfort of my office chair, […]

Oscar-Winning Film ‘Black Orpheus’ will be adopted for Broadway

Oscar-Winning Film 'Black Orpheus' will be adopted for Broadway

Broadway is planning to adopt Oscar-winning film “Black Orpheus” for the stage. According to the producers, the story will be written by award-winning writer Lynn Nottage and directed by Tony Award-winner George Wolfe. Although no specific timelines have been given, the musical will be debuted on Broadway. The film, “Black Orpheus” by Marcel Camus is […]

Guardians Of the Galaxy Set To Smash Records With Opening Weekend Ticket Sales


While I have heard quite a bit of hype regarding the release of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, I have not yet had the opportunity to go see it myself. In fact, I would be had pressed to tell you any specific details about the movie, given that this is one of those films I […]

The Most Anticipated Revelations of Comic-Con 2014


As one of the most highly-anticipated events in the film, comic book and video game industries, Comic-Con has always been one of the top places to gather news on all things upcoming in these areas. This year looks to be no different, with breaking news expected in many areas of the film industry. Here is […]