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July 15, 2018 2:50 pm

Most Romantic Men From Movies


We have all watched romantic movies where men have swoon us with their charms, looks, and overall personas. There have been many romantic movies with romantic men that have had us wishing they were ours, but here are the top four most romantic movie characters.   Ryan Gosling as Noah- The Notebook   The Notebook […]

10 Best Movies Directed by Female Film Directors

female film directors

Even though almost half of film graduates are women, it has always been a prevalent problem that most of them do not work on the major players in the film industry. There just seems to be common prejudice and hardships that all female film directors in the industry have to endure because of their gender. But there […]

Top 7 Movies to Watch in Movie Theaters in 2016

2016 is a big year for movies. With award season upon us, everyone seems to have movies on their mind. Here is a list of the must-watch movies for this year, including the top picks for comedy, action and animation. Suicide Squad It is an upcoming American superhero movie that was created and produced based […]

Criterion Collection: Top Movies Everyone should see (Part 2)

Criterion Collection top movies (Part 2)

4.       All That Heaven Allows (1955) This is a heart-racing film by Douglas Sirk that narrates a blossoming love between a rich widow, Jane Wyman and her young, handsome gardener, Rock Hudson. Unfortunately, the two love birds face ridicule and scorn from friends and colleagues. And, for the sake of approval of others, she had […]

Chewbacca Lives! The Hunt For a Firm Star Wars Plot Continues


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article detailing one of the possibilities of the plot of the next installment in the Star Wars movie franchise. It included details of what the movie could be like, if the book series that grew up around it was used. This included the introduction of a new […]

What are the best IMAX theaters in the world?

The best IMAX theaters in the world

IMAX is being touted as the world’s largest screen. But it should be noted that many of the IMAX theaters are listed as digital 3D except those that are noted as Dual projection or 15/70 mm. The 15/70 are famous for the quality of images they display compared to the conventional projectors that use 35 […]

Review: Noah Is Short On Biblical Accuracy but Long On Action and Special Effects


Growing up as the son of a Baptist minister was instrumental in defining the things I know and the way I live my life. Granted, I have taken a different religious path since I struck out on my own. However, the information and basic teachings are always something that have stuck with me down through […]

Disney Wants to Do a Live Action Classing “Dumbo”

Disney is planning to redo its entire classics as live action features and next in the line is the “Dumbo”, a film filled with racist stereotypes and drunken antics. According to the Hollywood reporter, Ehren Kruger, who has in the past written or co-written three of the Transformers films will write the script, and it […]

Lovable Horror: My Top Choices For the Best Movie Monsters and Why


It would be difficult to contest the claim that horror movies, and their evil and terrifying antagonists, have truly captured a place in the hearts of many moviegoers. I count myself among those legions, enjoying a wide range of different types of films rife with murder and mayhem. However, it takes a bit of style […]

Movie Review: Maleficent

Disney remaking the classic movie Sleeping Beauty of 1959

Maleficent is a classic story retold. It seems Hollywood is now becoming a master that is more interested in recycling than any other industry, and it is bearing fruits. Disney has now decided to explore the rich oil reservoir created by retold classic movies, franchises and characters and the latest to come out of the […]