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June 17, 2018 7:54 pm

5 NYC Restaurants Featured in TV and Movies


The New York City is the most populous city in the United States of America. This beautiful city is flooded with attractions for people all age groups. There are cinemas, restaurants, parks, conventional centers, shopping malls, sports grounds, and bars. Hollywood movies are also seemed to be inspired by the magnificent restaurants of New York City. In many different movies, the restaurants of New York City have been featured. Here we will discuss, 5 restaurants of this beautiful city that have appeared in different Hollywood movies and TV shows.

21 Club

21 Club

As far as the famous and iconic NYC go, 21 Club is surely on top. The regular visits of stars like Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart, and Joan Crawford gave immense fame to this place. This restaurant has featured in different movies and TV shows and the most famous scene of the Wall Street movie was shot here, where Michael Douglas tells Charlie Sheen to have the steak.


Katz Deli

Katz Deli 1Katz Deli is a well-known restaurant in NYC and many tour buses feature it in the route as “Most Famous Restaurants in NYC”. This restaurant was highlighted in the movie “When Harry Met Sally” in the scene where she faked a very loud orgasm in the middle of the restaurant. The restaurant has highlighted the place with a sign board saying “When Harry Met Sally – hope you have what she had!” This place is always flooded with food lovers and has become the city’s attraction.

Coyote Ugly SaloonCoyote Ugly2

Coyote Ugly is an iconic dirty saloon in the NYC where you can get cheap drinks easily. This place was made famous by the movie Coyote Ugly where the main character Piper got her break. Rush here for a wild night. There is dance, music, drinks and above all, Ladies!


Joe’s Pizza Downtown


You might know the famous character Peter Parker of Spiderman. Joe’s Pizza Downtown was featured in the super hit movie Spider-Man where Peter Parker, played by Tobey Maguire worked as a delivery boy. If you are a pizza lover, Joe’s Pizza Downtown is your place. You can also rush to Lenny’s Pizza (1969 86th St.) which was featured in Saturday Night Fever.


Smith & Wollensky’s

SMith 2

For all the steak lovers, Smith & Wollensky’s is a heaven. American Psycho featured this restaurant where the serial killer guy had his meal. You might be thinking what he ate. Order your steak without hash browns because this is exactly what he had.
These are 5 restaurants that were featured in movies. Some of them were already popular while others were made famous because of the wonderful movie scenes shot in them. We hope you visit these places to know where exactly your favorite stars were shooting for their movies. Besides this, you will enjoy the best taste in town in these restaurants.

Arlene Vega

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