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July 20, 2018 9:55 pm

The 5 Best Movie Theaters in the USA

5 Best Movie Theaters in the USA

Since people these days have the options of watching a movie from the comfort of their homes, offices, cars, friend’s places, and so on, what still makes them to be so passionate about their favorite movie theaters? Generally, movie theaters provide value addition to the customers: historic backstories and snacks, and reclining seats. Here is our pick of the 5 best movie theaters in the United States:

1.  Film Forum, New York City, New York

Film Forum Theater

Film Forum Theater, located on Houston Street, is the ultimate theater where classic films are being displayed in three screens. Apart from excellent classic movie selection, the theater is technologically equipped with both digital and film projectors and dynamic surround sound. Another part of the appeal is that the individual screen rooms are not particularly large.

2.  AMC Loews Uptown, Washington, D.C.

AMC Theatres

Almost every local movie enthusiast will tell you that the best place to watch a movie in Washington DC is AMC Loews Uptown. The movie theater was opened in 1936 and features a single screen that is 70-foot long and 40-feet high, making it one of the largest in the area.

3.  Metropolitan Arlington, California

Metropolitan Arlington

This theater features movies ranging from a traditional movie palace to a classic independent theater. It contains over 2,000 seats, including a balcony, and stars that light the ceiling. This theater is designed to give you the best experience of watching a movie with a large group of people.

4.  Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Austin, Texas

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Here, you will be served jalapeno poppers, bear, gourmet pizza and nachos. Servers usually come to your seat to take orders so you won’t miss a single second of the movie. The theater also has themed days such as Weird Wednesdays and Girlie Night.

5.  Arclight Theater’s Cinerama Dome, Hollywood, California

Arclight Theater’s Cinerama Dome

The theater brings you next to Hollywood, where you might actually catch a few Hollywood stars sitting next to you. The theater offers 14 screens with wide seats. The famed Cinerama dome projects movies in the building so that you feel like you are being surrounded by the film.

Have you been to any of these theaters? Which one is your favorite?

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