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December 18, 2018 3:32 pm

4 Movies like Speak

movies like speak


Sometimes, a single unpleasant incident can make the life of any person so difficult that coming out of it may seem to be entirely impossible. If you remember Melinda from the movie Speak (2004), you will remember that how an ordinary school party changed her life forever. Raped by a senior, her confidence was shattered. Melinda could not speak about the incident to anybody (neither her family nor the police). She kept her darkest secrets to herself, which caused her to disconnect from her parents and community.

movies like speak

Speak is often previewed in high schools to ignite conversation about rape, friendship and support groups. Here are some other movies like Speak that share similar storylines and reflections on society:

1. Painful Secrets (2000):

The movie revolves around a high school student named Dawn Cottrell who is not only highly unpopular at her school, but also at home. Her mother is a selfish woman who demands attention whereas her father does not even acknowledge that he has a daughter. All the emotional stress that she goes through makes her socially secluded in high school and she keeps all her emotional pain to herself. The way Dawn hides her emotions mirrors similar behavior to Melinda acted in Speak.

2. Hounddog (2008):

movies like speak

Lewellen loves Elvis Presley’s music and finds it to be the best source of inspiration while living in an unhealthy family. Her father is an alcoholic and her mother fails to provide her with a stable home. This movie like Speak also tells about the struggles of coming out of the trauma of a rape.

Similar to Speak, these movies tell stories of people that feel isolated after a traumatic experience. While movies replicate societal behaviors, they also fail to share real-world resources. If you need to talk to someone, seek the help of the national sexual abuse hotline: a 24 hour, 7 days a week chat system that offers support from a trained specialist. And remember, if you see a loved one acting distant, let them know that they can count on you to talk if anything is wrong.

3. We Were the Mulvaneys’ (2002):

The Mulvaneys are known to be the perfect family and are very well respected. On the night of her prom, their daughter is raped by a boy who happened to be the son of Mr. Mulvaneys’ friend. The father tries to help his daughter and wants her to file a case against her abuser, but she refrains from doing so because of fear, the same thing that caused Melinda not to take any action against her rapist.

4. Augusta,Gone (2006):


movies like speak


As a young teenager, Augusta Dudman was a very sweet and likable girl but as soon as she entered high school, she faced body image issues because she believed she was gaining weight. She received the same amount of alienation from family and friends as Melinda did because she failed to conform to the typical standards of how a high school student should be like.